Home Discussion Forum How would i tell some1 important an idea for Negative Energy?

How would i tell some1 important an idea for Negative Energy?

I have a very probable idea but i dont wanna tell ne1 in case the idea might get stolen.


  1. The only ways you could guarantee that your idea is attributed to you would be to write a paper and get it published or to write an article for a science journal.
    You cannot copyright or patent a scientific idea or theory. If that were possible, I’m sure Einstein would have copyrighted E=mc^2.
    So, unless you could come up with a practicle application for negative energy which could be patented, you might just as well share your idea. However, even posting it on yahoo (it is timestamped) could provide you with a way to prove it was your idea.
    I am curious though. Some of the brightest scientists on the planet have not been able to devinitely prove that negative energy exists, let alone figure out how to measure it. So unless you are a Ph.D candidate or a modern day Einstein, you might want to lshare your idea with someone who is familiar with the theory before revealing it. A lot of scientific careers have been ruined because of premature publication.

  2. Let’s say you had an electron, in one hand and a positron, in the other.
    Let’s say that you were in California. Let’s say that you forced them together, neither you nor California would be there to see the results.
    How’s that for energy, negative or otherwise?

  3. Well … to get an idea credited to you, get it published first, meaning, write a paper and submit it to peer reviewed journal.
    I would suggest that, if you don’t have a college/university education that it may be difficult/impossible to write a paper in such a way that reviewers will take seriously. This sort of education will also give you the opportunity to take a serious and critical look at your idea so that it can be refined.


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