How would I permanently shut my third eye and ear so I can be a robot again?





I don’t like what I feel, hear and see anymore.


  1. I think you are suffering from anxiety. Get that under control and you would never want to be a robot. Focus on the breath and living in the moment. Avoid angry/power sucking people, Look for goodness, look for hope, look for creations of the natural world etc., you’ve heard all of this stuff before. The power is within you.

  2. Be careful what you ask for. I went through a hard time in life & my 20 year old son passed away as a result of what we were going through. I was so sick & was diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetics can get themselves in a coma & many times I walked around like that. I think I was even having petit mal seizures. I did not want to look or think or hear or do this life….It was really hard shutting down my mind. I suggest you pray, treat, whatever it is you do, affirm maybe, what it is you would like to see & hear…I also almost lost my hearing…if you needing coaching on this I do this kind of work over the phone…Call yourself back…focus on what you would like to have & work from their saying what it is you would like to have as if you do have it now…You subconsious mind hears you & carries out what you are thinking & feeling & you see it reflected in your life….even your avatar has the word fear in it…instead of it hearing no FEAR you would probably rather have FAITH being shown in your life.

  3. By your self chosen choice of actions, by the desires you still hold on to (such as having a “third eye”, having opened the same so as to possess the power of objective viewing and, specifically, by seeking to end only what you subjectively label as your own suffering”) and by you subjective views (i.e., “I don’t like what I see; I don’t like what I hear; I don’t like what I feel”), as well as your illusion that an “I” exist, you have already demonstrated that you have not attained enlightenment in any shape, form or manner.
    You have been a complete success and you are still the “robot” you seek to be.

  4. I feel that way sometimes. At times it’s overwhelming & you just wish you could shut down. Unfortunately, I guess you could, but you won’t be happy that way either. IMO the best thing to do is just forge forward, it does get better. I just can’t promise when.

  5. Things don’t have to be comfortable or perfect to be ok. I don’t like having to sit at this raggedy desk, I don’t like the way it makes my back feel, I don’t like the endless chatter around my head, I don’t like looking at papers and archaic numbers, and I don’t like the way this place smells (sterile) or tastes (like soot and poo). So this place completely offends my senses to where I want nothing more than a bracing glass of bourbon (many here actually do have liquid lunches) but I understand that every feeling goes just as it comes and I have the choice to be alright even if all my senses are offended.
    There’s nowhere to run from our senses except to the grave. You’ll get there sooner or later but whichever way you go try to enjoy the ride.

  6. don’t worry – you’re just going through third eye puberty everything seems different it’s an anxious time, but a new awakening. You do not suffer from fear so you will be fine. In this world all the grown third eyes cry and yours will soon be awash with mind tears that will wash away the darkness from those around you .
    you cannot be a robot the feeling is too deep to ignore – let your Inner passion lay itself upon this dark world

  7. You really can’t…
    Strike that. Start drinking actually. You can dull your mind until it has no effect on you. Though you really shouldn’t, but denial always seems like a good option in the beginning.

  8. Why would you want to do that? You’re evolving spiritually! You have to stay in good thoughts. It is a must! If we focus on bad, that is all we will see and feel. Change your focus, sweetie. You are the change the world is looking for. Your light affects the world! You aren’t alone you know. We are many here with you. Yes, these are some troubling times, but that is not our focus. I know you’re having some personal issues as well. Every problem that comes our way is an opportunity for change in our lives, good change. You’ll come through this and you’ll be stronger and wiser for it. You are going through emotional clearing and when we fight it we make it worse on ourselves. Shut your mind up and hear from your heart! The answers are there. You’re trying to work everything out with your mind and you can’t. Instead of giving up, listen to your heart. Let love have the control that you are clinging so desperately to! Let the emotions heal!

  9. sorry dude but there is no going back. once you’ve tasted the other world you can not go back to being a robot for very long and it will be painful to try.

  10. Never use your senses, adhere to very strict moral codes for the good of all…..of course and remember to always feel guilty.

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