How would i know if someone placed a spell on me?





by Shannon:

Two weeks ago i went to visit a friend and she asked if she could give me a massage. I said yea..when she was doing that i felt like this weird energy in my body..Like if she touched my leg i would feel it. It was the weirdest thing ever…Since then. When i touch ppl time from time they tell me they can feel a weird energy going through them..sometimes it feels so strong my body moves..One person i touched felt like a healing power the other said it felt hypnotizing and weird what should i do any advice Thanx

Answer by bongernet
Easy. They didn’t because magic is fairy tale bullshit.


  1. OMG O.O They may have been shuting down your chakra points ! Naruto refferance 😀 Jiriaya watches Naruto also 😀 Jiriaya’s the Pervey Sage from Naruto not really his name is Rimplayspkmn 😀

  2. my advice: wear tights, sport a cape, and start pondering a cool superhero name. Maybe “Energy Girl” or “Miss Hypnotist.” Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility haha

  3. I have the power of healing.
    The energy goes through when you massage ect.
    Maybe your friend put alot in you. Energy will fade over time, but will never completely go away.
    If you don’t like it, call up your friend, and tell her to suck it back into her.
    Just wondering, ever sense this happened, have you been in any pain, or at least less.
    I don’t think it’s a spell. If it is, it’s not a bad one.

  4. This is not a spell.
    Massage therapy is a form of energy healing. The massage often moves energy around in your body, it is meant to open and release blocked energy spots which cause us pains and illnesses, and allow the internal energy to flow freely through the body.
    Why don’t you ask the friend who gave you the massage how to even this out some?

  5. don’t listen to him. I don’t fro sure but who know maybe you’re under a spell don’t worry it not bad. it could be quite good.

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