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How would I know for sure that I am a adult Indigo person?

Hi I am 42 born 1964 in London England,I am into crystals,meditation,plants,animals,spiritual awakening,DNA activations,I am a Orion Theta healer,but am still searching for something,some kind of identity,I wonder am I an Indigo adult,misunderstood as a child,I need to know whys of most things but I am not annoying,please try to be sincere with your answers,Steve………………….


  1. Perhaps this would be better categorized under Religion and Spirituality or Mythology and Folklore. Not to be rude, it’s just that there are people there who are more knowledgable of your situation.

  2. This is as sincere as I can get:
    NONE of that pseudo-science is real. NONE of it. Meditation is great for relaxation, animals and plants are wonderful, but crystals, ‘DNA activations’, Theta healing etc are simply massive scams with NO validity. Zippo.
    The reason you’re still searching for some kind of identity is because you are terribly credulous and desperate for your questions to be answered. Most of them simply cannot be. Try to live a good, happy life and dispense with this claptrap superstitious, lame, nonsense.

  3. Indigo children is a movement to not smother children who are different. Everyone who is ‘alternative’ is considered one.
    I’ve got a pal, and he was wow’ed by my math skills, and insisted that I must be an Indigo Child. It’s really just a label for kids with talents.
    Everyone at some point in their life fits the Indigo child bill.

  4. I think you’ve been taken advantage of. You’ve been handed a line of BS all your life by people taking advantage of your search for some kind of identity. You need to ditch all that mystical weirdness, concentrate on the basics of life, and your place in the world will happen. If you are searching for your place, you will never find it… your place is here and now, not somewhere else. Your identity is here and now, and you don’t have to search for it. If you are under the impression that it needs to be found, then you are convincing yourself that it isn’t found already… when it actually is.
    You need to accept the possibility that you are not going to find a good reason why for a lot of things. I don’t know why I’m transsexual, but I accept that I am, and that gives me power. Worrying about things I will never know would make me weak, and that is what is happening to you. Figure out where you are at this very moment, accept it, and forget trying to figure out how you got to this point. If you aren’t even sure where you are, then figuring out how you got there is going to be pretty hard.
    Get off the weird mystic stuff. It will not give you the answers you seek. Look around at the real world and it will tell you where you are. The spirits don’t know shiat, but YOU do.

  5. I read an article in a newspaper a few years ago about indigo children and so much of it was true about my daughter. I showed it to her (about 17 at the time) and she couldn’t believe how much it described her. I can’t remember what all it said except they are different than everyone else, short attention span, and knowing what is going to happen or what people are thinking, able to see spirits.
    Probably because those are the characteristics that were hers.

  6. Why do you need to know if you fit a label? If you can link with the spirit world, then you are intuitive. There are no limits as to the ways we can manifest spirit… you heal, but often as you are doing the healing you become aware of things for which there is no explanation as to the how. You are drawn to certain stones and get comfort from them as well… these are your abilities. It is always good to understand one’s abilities and learn to control them, but labels are a thing of society and a way to fix us into boxes. Do not concern yourself with these labeling words, just continue to discover who you are and what the possibilities are…


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