How would I find out whether or not someones a witch?

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What is the best method of testing? I would also need empirical evidence to support my claim. I can’t just ask “are you a witch?” and then trust their answer…they might be lying.
Someone told me that if a person weighs less than a goose, they are a witch. But I wanted some sort of sure-fire scientific approach to tell whether or not someones a witch…;)
For the record, I don’t believe in witches, but some hard-core empirical scientific evidence would surely convince me. Someone also told me that witches have strange marks on their body.

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Magick Kitty

guess you want to be turned into a toad

Nick_Jerry_Jonas_ <3

OMG! ok there is NO SUCH THING AS WITCHES! i promise! there are no withches, wizards, warlocks,vampires ect! NONE OF IT! dont even ask the person!
are you really being serious?

Jordan W

Burn them. If they burn, they are not a witch. Although they will be dead, and you will go to a mental institute.

Cutie pie

I’ve heard witches wear square shoes because they have no toes. And their saliva is purple … or something like that.


See if she weighs more than a duck.


Wrap them up in barbed wire and throw them into a river.
If they float, they are a witch, so burn them at the stake.
If they sink, they are innocent… but probably dead.




Tell them you’re going to cast a spell on them. If they take you seriously, then they are a witch. Because they believe it to be so. And they are fully as deluded as you are.


Ask them if they’re a witch. I know they might lie, but stay with me on this one.
If they say “no”, they’re probably not a witch. You can try further experimentation but, IMO, it wouldn’t be cost effective.
If they say “yes” they probably are. They might be lying but most people wouldn’t lie about this. Ask them follow up questions about their beliefs and any ceremonies or observances. Then check their responses to books of reference. If their answers are broadly in line, they’re almost certainly witches. If their answers are exactly the same, they are still probably witches but might just have read the same books and be kidding. If their answers are completely at odds with published evidence they’re probably either not witches or a previously unknown type of witch.
If they refuse to answer ask why they are refusing to answer. If they say there is a rule of secrecy binding on them as a witch they are probably not witches. If they say they don’t like answering questions like this they are probably witches.
If they punch you they are almost certainly not witches. A witch would not harm you


u believe in witches?hmmm…i might think about that.i have never encountered real or big time witches but one is easy to recognize.u will just feel uneasy and feel unexplainable fear when u r with them.most of them are so strange and their interest are mostly weird..just avoid those who gives u an intense look and u feel like they are gulping u lol.

K is for Katie

Quietly break into their house and try to find their magic broom stick.


It’s the vacuum cleaner test
Vacuum cleaner = no broom: no broom= no witch
Dyson has just about finished witchin’


I am Wiccan. Its a nature based religion. Sometimes wiccans refer to themselves as witches and sometimes people who are not wiccan but practise magic call themselves witches. both are fine.
If someone is witch and you ask them then they will tell you or they will say they prefer not to speak of it.
They used to burn witches. They used to burn people who were pagan. They used to burn people they didn’t like and people who were different and people they wanted to burn.
You should read about the Burning Times. Most of those people were not witches.


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