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How would I find out the Meaning behind a Third Eye Blind song?

I want to know what inspired Stephen Jenkins to write “The God of Wine” and what it means to him. Does anyone know of a book or website that would tell me? Thanks.


  1. maybe go to their myspace page and ask him? not sure if he will answer, but it couldn’t hurt. (see link below)

  2. I doubt there is any book or website that has the meaning for that specific song.
    I looked at the lyrics and my interpretation of it is: it is about an alcoholic and how boose ruins his life. It costs him everything, he even loses his girlfriend/wife because of his problem, but even after she is gone he keeps on drinking. There are also some Greek themes in the song I can’t figure out. It talks about the god of wine (Dionysus), Zodiac signs, and Sirens from the Oddesy, (the sirens could also mean police sirens.)
    If you really want a good interpretation take the lyrics to a teacher or professor who has a background in poetry interpritation.


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