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how would i convince a hospital in current times to hire me if i were a shaman?

I would be in the position of a shaman who primarily uses natural techniques of healing and the use of plants to heal.


  1. you would be better off starting your own business rather than attempting to join with a hospital, as most require well educated and professional individuals. also most hospitals do not have positions including extreme alternative medicines.

  2. I assume this is for a story or roleplay of some sort, yes?
    As has been said, most likely, you would start your own private practice. Most hospitals wouldn’t hire someone who primarily uses natural techniques.
    Alternatively, one would actually have to go to med school. Use traditional scientific medical practices and perhaps occasionally suggest Shamanic healing techniques as “experimental treatments.” This would be risky, however.

  3. But if all modern day medical breakthroughs come from Shaman knowledge discovered by anthropologists… why would a shaman need to go to medical school? Medical schools know what they know because of shamans….why should the teacher go and learn from a student?


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