How would I clear my mind during meditation and other similar excercises.?

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What steps do you take to rid your mind of thoughts and images.

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nathalia r

why dont you try dynamic meditation (osho meditation) while you find your inner peace?


It’s very simple, when performing single-pointed breath meditation, one focuses on ones breath and contemplates like so:
“Breathing in…I know I am breathing in….Breathing out…I know I am breathing out….”
“Breathing in deeper… I know I am breathing in…Breathing out slower…I know I am breathing out….” and so on, depending on how your breath takes you.
To stop distractions it is usually best to begin by counting ones breath contemplating like so:
“Breathing in…1…Breathing out…2…Breathing in…3…Breathing out…4…” and so on until you reach 10, and then start over. It is natural to become distracted, so when distracting thoughts come, become aware of them, let them go and start over again from 1.
I hope this technique helps you, it worked wonders for my meditation and lead me to the first dhyana (absorption) where the mind becomes so focused that everything else is let go.

Aaron A

You can try simple mantra meditation … any word is suitable to use, or you could try one of the following: AYING, SHIRING, OM, SHANTI
The technique is simple:
* Think the mantra once, at the beginning of meditation.
* Let it go, do not concentrate on the mantra.
* The mantra is not repeated over and over.
* The mantra is simply ‘heard’.
* Keep the mantra as a faint idea only.
* Allow the mantra to change in any way it wants.
* If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to ‘hearing’ the mantra.


First focus on your breathing and bring your awareness to every aspect of your breathing. Become aware of the movement of your lungs, the temperature of the air moving through your nostrils, any smells, the rhythm of your breathing. Breath using your stomach. On the inhale, push out your abdomen while holding your chest in place and exhale by pulling in your stomach.
As you do this, thoughts may begin to intrude. Observe them like you would if you were watching a movie. Acknowledge them and welcome them as best you can without passing judgment. If you find yourself debating these thoughts, simply bring your awareness back to your breathing.
You will soon find yourself in a quiet meditative zone.
Do not try to force your mind to be quiet. If you do this you will most likely get more frustrated.


Please, do *not* try to clear your mind. After all, who is doing the clearing? It is simply another part of the mind!
Meditation is all about simply being present to what is, without judgment or expectation. If you notice thoughts, good! You are noticing thoughts, and it is the *noticing* that is the awareness, the meditation.
If you notice feelings or physical sensations, good!
Again, if “you” are pushing thoughts away, who is doing it? It is just another part of the mind, and awareness is beyond the mind. Awareness is like a mirror — it simply reflects what is in front of it, not trying to change or fix it. If a handsome man walks in front of a mirror, the mirror shows him. If a man with a scar on his face is there, the mirror reflects the scar.
This is how your meditation should be — simply accept what is.


Remove the junk already in it. Stop putting in new junk.


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