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How would I be able to get invited to a sweat lodge if i don't know very many Native Americans?

I have always been told by both sides of my family that i am native american but neither side can tell me which tribe we are from.So I was hoping that a good sweat might beable to help me get on the right path to finding peace in my life and help me understand more of myself and maybe help me find my ture ancestors.I live in San Bernardino California if this helps with location.
I have traced my blood line to my great grandfather and thats where the paper trail ends after that i cant find anyone beyond him on my mothers side on my fathers side i cant get past my great grandmother.So thats why i would like to get invited.


  1. O’siyo! toniktuka hwo? (hello! how are you?)
    I lived with the Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota Sioux in South Dakota for many years. Women aren’t allowed to sweat with the men. maybe your tribe does.
    Even thought there isn’t a trace of Native blood in my genes, they accepted me as one of their own.
    do as the above say, and start tracing your bloodlines. once that is established and proven, then contact those tribes.
    sweats are an experience like no other. i could go on and on, but there’s too much to say.
    indigo…simple. i forgot the spelling of the lakota word. so there. sue me.

  2. Sweetie, I do belong to a Native American tribe and it’s not all that you think it might be. Mine is a bunch of alcoholic drunks that made war on neighboring tribes, not the peaceful bead traders that would come to mind. When they got put on a Reservation, they warred amongst themselves. And somehow married White Supremacists into the clan. What a mess. I have nothing to do with any of them. I have no curiosity that I need to figure out. Sweating won’t change a thing. It is what it is and I have to be cognizant enough to know that.

  3. Well you mentioned “paper trail” everyone knows native americans did not and still do not leave any paper trails. If I were you I would just have a good cry and follow the trail of tears…
    PS- go by any VFW, American Legion, Elks or Moose lodge your sure to find someone sweating.

  4. Have you made use of census records? I know it can be tough to have access online without having to pay these darn genealogy sites money for OUR OWN family’s information.
    But… some libraries tap into programs online (like mine does with HeritageQuest Online) and lets people use them for free. I can actually use it from home with my library card info, and search a ton of census papers for free.
    Whatever you do…just don’t go paying people money for a fakey sweat, etc. I am told that it’s both wrong (selling it off like that) and potentially dangerous if the people don’t know what they are doing.
    And to “Happy McCain”…why are you mixing languages? I know that first is a common Cherokee word (greeting?) people use all over the internet, paired with L/N/Dakota? Why not use a greeting of that language?

  5. there is a group in San Francisco that my sister was involved with that took her to sweats I’m not sure of there name but perhaps i can find out later as far as researching you can go to the library and get death records of those members of the family which are deceased and this will give birth dates also you can also search social security records

  6. There’s nothing wrong with asking if you can go for a sweat. Just find out about protocol before you go, i.e: not while on your “moon time”, you may have to bring some food to offer, bring tobbacco, what if the sweat is too hot for you or you wqant out, etc. \
    Just ask.


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