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how would God disprove solipsism?

say if i go in heaven, and I see God, and I am a solipsist, believing that everything is an illusion and just made up by my subconscious mind, in another word, a dream. How would God prove that he is God instead of just another thing created in my dream or mind?
And if everything is like The Matrix, which is a simulated reality, and if i see God, how can God convince me that he’s not just one of the programs created by the machine?


  1. I think you’d probably be damned and your whole defense would have to be, Okay, Okay, I was wrong…this feels like reality now…and If you didn’t then How could you complain.
    Religious Axiom # 42
    God is at least as smart and clever as you !!

  2. Oooh, fun. Next can we do:
    “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”
    And then my personal favorite:
    “Can god make a rock so heavy that he can’t lift it?”

  3. Perhaps an infinitely intelligent being could try to disprove solipsism by reasoning with you.
    What is the point of solipsism? How would it make any difference?
    Aren’t there still natural laws that objects obey? Is gravity any less real to you if it is caused only by your mind? Have you ever been able to counteract it by willing it to go away?
    Even if everything is an illusion created by your mind, aren’t you still experiencing it? Don’t you still feel pleasure and pain? Wouldn’t you still want to control those experiences in some way? And how else could you do it than by using exactly the same behavior as you would if you assumed it to be real?
    Of everything we experience, many pieces are consistent with each other and some aren’t. One of those collections of self-consistent experiences will always be what we consider to be real. For the other experiences, we either seek to understand them better and integrate them with our consistent reality, or we dismiss them as illusion.

    You also ask how God could could prove that he was part of reality and not an illusion. That, on the other hand, would be impossible.
    The rule which allows for the rational integration of experiences into a self-consistent reality is Occam’s razor. It says that the simplest explanation which is consistent with our experiences is always the one we should believe.
    But God is always assumed to be an infinitely complex being who is mostly outside our experiences. As such, there can never be any situation where he is the simplest explanation consistent with them. Therefore, a rational being should never believe in God and not even God would have any way to change that.


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