How would energy be transfered from Space to Earth?





The idea of Solar Energy on the moon is good in its way, more radiation reaches the moon due to its zero-atmosphere however how would we transfer the energy to Earth?
Johnnie your answer is useless, read the question :S.


  1. Sounds like James. W. Early has the best answer. Thanks for asking this question so it can be answered. I had no idea about this.

  2. This link leads to one of the most complete papers on the subject.
    Point is that the generating plant material would be minded on the moon and than transported to orbital factories that would run on solar power to build the parts and equipment to build the generator plants. The power would then be beamed down to antenna farms for distribution just like TV, Radio and telephone are done now.
    This was originally planned by JFK and Nixon to be operational by 1989 snd was on track for that until they Elected Jimmy Carter in the late 70s and he scrapped any thing that had to do with solar or nuclear power because it would hurt the profits of the big oil company that put him in office.
    Here are two other space power links
    WE need a president that will support restoring these programs and a congress that will back him up and the democrats will not because the majority of their money comes from two of the largest oil cartels.

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