How would confirmation by physicists that consciousness is in fact separate from the body affect philosophy?

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Through quantum mechanics, physicists have found consciousness is non-local, meaning through mathematics, they have shown consciousness is separate and apart from physical matter. Look up quantum mechanics (specifically the Bell Theorem). The brain would therefore be more of a conduit with consiousness rather than its generator. If this is the case, how would this affect the field of philosophy and the common view that “thinking” ends with the death of the brain?

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John W

Quantum mechanics has not quite led to the leap you are describing, though it certainly is possible.
You may want to look into something called the holographic universe theory or principle. It is an interesting theory that at it’s crux highlights what you are describing. Black hole entropy and gravitation waves may prove it. It also shows how conscientious can be de-localized.
As for philosophy, this theory reflects beliefs of many different eastern cultures. They have believed this to be true far before western science was able to prove it.
It could mean there is an afterlife, a surprise to an atheist like myself. It could mean a lot of things.
Quantum entanglement is also along this line of thought, it leads to strange things such as
and has been shown to connect couples in love.

All hat

I don’t know if it has to be as portentious as all that – I mean, the music of a violin is separate from the violin too – what anything does is separate from what it is, yet arises from it – the dance of a dancer, the strike of a boxer, the flight of a bird – the thought of a human brain.


I think it would somehow imply that humans may have any eternal element to their nature but it is still not totally certain


Quantum physics does not suggest that consciousness is non-local. It does not state that consciousness is separate from matter. In fact, it says nothing at all about consciousness. The idea that quantum physics was somehow related to a conscious observer is an idea that existed at the beginning of quantum mechanics, but has since (and by since, I mean 50 years ago) been entirely dropped from quantum mechanics. It was determined that the measurement part of the conscious observer was the relevant part, and an unconscious observer would have the same effect as a conscious one. Bell’s inequality deals with entanglement and non-locality of entanglement. But it is not related to consciousness. Not at all.
Now, let’s say it that what you said was in fact correct (which it isn’t) and consciousness was somehow separate from matter. What are the implications on philosophy? I don’t see the implications being very large. After all, that idea is not much different than the idea of a soul — the idea that you are more than your body. And that idea has been the predominant one for the majority of human civilization. So what would change?


I am not a physicist or for that matter have no sheepskins to hang on the wall of my library learning room. As an eight year old runaway, I am self educated. Only recently have become very interested in quantum physics; particularly the light- radiation and matter phenomena. The study of consciousness, meditation, spirituality, philosophy, and metaphysics has been the inspiration to read much less to qualify as an educated person. But, any one who suggests that consciousness is apart from matter lacks insight into what matter and consciousness are and how they relate to cosmic black light radiation. We all live in a sea of consciousness down to the wave-particle scenario.
The revolutionary change in philosophy will happen in this new age when science and spirituality come together in full agreement.


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