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How would astrology affect someone who has traveled far away from Earth?

If someone were to travel far away from Earth, even outside the galaxy, how would they be affected by astrology? For example, would their horoscope be any different?


  1. No evidence that it has an effect on earth. Like everything about astrology there is nothing factual. There is only point of view speculation. That is the only answers that will be given and that is all that is wanted.

  2. That’s a funny question!
    But it’s impossible to answer. Because we don’t know what the causes of astrological effects are. So, it’s impossible to predict how it would work elsewhere.
    Example: You are in another solar system, would you use Mars, Venus, etc., or the planets in that other solar system?
    Btw, travelling in space is a big problem… If you would like to travel out of the galaxy and then come back to Earth, well, it would be impossible to come back before the year 5000 AD (Einstein’s relativity). I don’t think someone wanna do that, ending like a prehistoric monkey in 5000 AD.

  3. Yes, I am sure that astrology of some sort would work.
    Although, I am sure it would have slight differences like
    Our Astrology Systems include Sun, Moon, and the Planets and Asteroids (the Earth is excluded) so only the relationships are being looked and and analyzed without the Earth included, because we are on Earth and the relationships to any 2 planets effect us on earth in such a way.
    Now if you were on another planet, like lets say we were born on mars like 100 years from now I am sure there would be another source of Astrology we could then learn about.

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