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How would a Wiccan, who would utilize magick, respond to utilizing "love spells"?

Would it be morally correct to utilize “spells” for love?
Would true love be found if a spell were involved?
I am honored to be in the presence of such moral responsibility pertaining to your responses. TY for honoring True Wiccan Tradition.


  1. One of the basic concepts of Wicca is ‘harm none’
    Imposition of your will on another human is the ultimate in immoral (and personally directed) harm.

  2. Love spells, you mean like a spell to make someone fall in love with you? That is manipulative and is seen as wrong in Wicca.
    Spells to find love in general, not from one specific person, would be fine. A spell to find love, not to cause it. I suppose if you have faith, the spell could work. Put your own back into it as well, don’t let the spell do ALL the talking.

  3. I know a Wiccan who said that yes, love could be reached using a Spell, but it would not be true love and almsot all Wiccans would refuse to do it anyways as it s against their code.

  4. That would depend upon the intention of the “love spell.” If the spell was intended to subvert another person’s will and force that person to feel something s/he would not otherwise feel, then that would violate the Wiccan Rede (An it harm none, do what thou wilt), because such coercion is a form of harm. If the spell is intended to cause the subject to cross paths with a person who, given the opportunity, would fall in love with the subject of his/her own will, it would not be a violation of Wiccan principles.

  5. You could find true love through a spell, but probably not the type of spell you’re thinking of. Just go to some wiccan sites and do some research.
    If something is supposed to happen, it will.

  6. I love reading New-Age Wiccan answers to these.
    lol, “An’ it harm none,” lol. Why don’t they read the source material.

  7. Squishy is correct about reading the source material. Hell, far too many Wiccans don’t even read the full Rede, they just take one little ole’ line out of it.
    You can use a love spell, generally the kinds I’ve seen are not designed to force a particular person to love you, they are more about making yourself more attractive and receptive towards potential mates.

  8. The full rede is An it harm none, do as you will. Those claiming it’s harm none are wrong, those claiming it’s that Bide ye Wiccan NONSENSE from the NECTW trad are also wrong.
    Love spells, point blank, are stupid. Anyone using them doesn’t deserve love, anyways.

  9. I am happy for those who use spells to let the Universe know they are ready to love. I don’t agree with using spells to “make” someone love you. Just to be clear, it takes a LOT of energy and practice and study to even have the ‘mojo’ to even try to make a spell like that work.
    If you’re just asking the Universe to bring you the perfect person, of course true love can be found. But it you’re trying to make Bobby down the street love you? No.

  10. Depends entirely on the spell. It’s very unethical to use a spell designed to get a certain person because that would be a trapping spell.
    If, however you just do a magickal working to make yourself open to love and to vibrate with loving energy that will draw people to you, that’s perfectly fine. There are things that you can do to call out to the qualities you want and make you more receptive to them, so people with those qualities will find you.
    Those talking about the full rede are kind of wasting their time. It says things like “nine woods in the fire go, burn them fast and burn them slow,” and “elder be the lady’s tree, burn it not or cursed you’ll be.” Who lives by that? Really? Are you committing some kind of sin if you don’t burn nine woods? That’s just a poem! Sheesh!


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