How would a Succubus look to you?





How would she look like to you? Add physical details, like black piercing eyes, blah blah etc etc.
I’m curious. Opinions please
Oh my god, Yes I understand what a succcubus is. But the question I’m ASKING is , how would they look in YOUR EYES. Not that difficult honestly.


  1. Johnny Depp! ROFLOL!
    But really, Strong chin, Dark shinny locks, Medium build (doesnt have to be super muscular), a stern silent type… You know the kind who can just give a look and you know what they mean right away. Deep voice with a distinct accent…
    Ok, Im done now before I start to drool on my keyboard XD
    I noticed how just about everyone assumes you dont know what a succubi is and then tells you but doesnt answer your question. Lame when people do that isnt it =/

  2. Succubus are demons and they have the power of illusion with the abiliy to appear to everyone in a different way… But they always appear in a manner that each individual will find acceptable…..

  3. well she’s looked so beautiful that moment you see them you know had to have them. they’re have long black hair and dark black eyes. they would have body of a super model and would make even the purest of heart come to sin. LOL This is fun lets do this again some time. LOL

  4. Odd question… it really just depends on your personal opinion on what “sexy” is. Keep in mind, a succubus uses dreams as a medium to elicit emotional reactions to feed on, so depending on what kind of emotions the succubus prefers, she will take a different kind of form. Personally, a fear-based one would seek me out and take the form of a zombie or something! Yeesh!

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