How would a scientist make time travel possible?

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I was just looking online and I was wondering if time travel will ever be possible? If it will be how would they do it?

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It tells you hear

Josh P

Time is continuous. How one would bend time back on itself is something of quantum physics. However, if they ever did, I think the world would instantly cease to exist. just like that.


Of course it’s possible I will prove it: I’m time-traveling right now, into the future


Time travel is inherently paradoxical. However, maybe it could be possible to split off a new universe, a copy of this universe only N years in the past, and travel to that universe; the actions you took in that universe would have no effect in this one, so no paradoxes.
Seems like a lot of trouble to pick winning lottery numbers.


its already possible if you travel at a very fast rate you will travel into the future given you are going VERY fast and you would only go a couple seconds into the future astronauts do it all the time the world record is .02 seconds into the future i forget who did it though

I Can and Will

Take a shuttle into space. Go to the speed of light which requires using anti-matter (99.9% speed of light) or put mirrors on the shuttle and blast the mirrors with a very high density beam (probably gamma ray photons.) If you orbited the Earth at the speed of light for 10 years and went back to Earth 1,000 years would have gone by so it is a 1:100 ratio of years. There is no instantaneous zap. That would be the future. To go back in time you would need a wormhole which is a rip in the fabric of time and space (since they are interconnected.) This is the only way to go back in time other than if you imagine time as a hot wheels track. If you were to make a straight track, it would have loops just like time. When you went to the top of the loop and you were upside down time would repeat itself so you could run into a past event. Black holes are also an effective way but it is currently impossible to survive in one. Let alone even enter it.


Time travel into the future is possible.
Time travel into the past involves possible causality violations, and may be impossible.


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