How will the human race evolve next?





I’ve heard a lot of theory’s.. obviously it should happen, some people say that we are gonna have a mind power or something, i started to think about dinosaurs and how the way they looked changed…but it took like 165 million years some survived and have evolved into modern birds, also the Tyrannosaurus Rex arms where getting smaller and smaller because they didn’t need them..some snakes still have a little stub like arm from where it kept getting smaller…. I’d like to think that people would be able to moved shit with their mind but “I don’t know”
Also Most Reptiles Have this thing in the middle of their brain call a pineal gland we also have this gland some people call it your third eye some people say they can see the future but reptiles pineal gland is a almost fully developed eye with a Retina and and cornea but it cannot see images..not really sure what it does but i think it has something to do with for saught survival instincts.


  1. The human race will NOT subdivide into different species because in order for new species to form,
    1) two populations of a parent species need to be isolated from each other long enough to accumulate different mutations. After time, these populations become so different that they become separate species.
    Human populations in the world are NOT isolated from each other very well any more due to increased globalization. Gene flow from one population to another — from China to the United States, from Bhutan to Sweden — is increasing with an increase in mobility (better transportation technologies make it better for people to migrate to other countries, and interbreed). Therefore, rather than the human species splitting into several new species, the populations around the world will become more and more mixed.
    As for telekinetic abilities, humans probably won’t evolve any such thing. Moving objects with one’s mind is all over Science Fiction, but nowhere to be found in science. What would be the mechanism by which someone could move an object just by thinking about it? It just doesn’t make sense. And seeing the future?
    Evolution works by means of natural selection — every population of organisms has a great deal of variation that offers each individual either an advantage or disadvantage in nature. I have brown eyes. My best friend has dark skin. A man in west Africa has sickle-cell anemia. All of these differences in appearances are examples of genetic variation.
    Evolution occurs when the environment exerts a pressure on a population that selects certain individuals to be more successful in reproducing. For example, imagine a hypothetical virus that kills people. In order for this virus to kill someone, however, it must react with the B protein on the surface of red blood cells. You’ve heard of what “blood-type” people are: A, B, AB, or O. What these really are are different proteins on the surface of blood cells. Blood type A individuals have “A” proteins, Blood type B individuals have “B” protiens, and AB individuals have both. O-type people have no such proteins.
    SO, this virus would kill everyone with B-type proteins, that is, individuals of either B or AB blood type.
    THE RESULT: evolution. The only humans who would survive the virus would be those with A or O-type blood. They would reproduce and their offspring would also have only A or O-type blood because blood type is inherited from the parents.
    The human species would be different.
    Now, as to what might actually happen to the human species depends on the type of seletion. What type of people survive? What type of people have more babies?
    It’s hard to know, but some things that biologists predict are follows:
    1. Humans will lose their wisdom teeth and their appendices. Maybe this will take about 10,000 years.

  2. Humans have slowed down the evolution process, people with serious genetic defects can now life their lives and often have offspring.
    For evolution to take place you need the strongest to have the most offspring, so if any evolution is going to take place, it will take longer.
    If the status quo stays the same, The human race will most likely subdivide into new and different species because most genetic mutations, good or bad stay in the gene pool.

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