Home Discussion Forum How will it be possible for us rationalists to discuss reincarnation?

How will it be possible for us rationalists to discuss reincarnation?

If we understand that a person loses, beyond the five senses, the consciousness? One only vegetates and when one dies, all the information in the brain is destroyed.
What would be the human illusionism that makes us believe in spirits, souls, saints and other abstracts that are not only based on DNA and RNA genetics (formed by billions of chemical bases) in the parents, passed on to their children?


  1. The anecdotal evidence from case studies is too overwhelming to be ignored. It can be questioned and investigated yes but not ignored. That is the starting point for any discussion-examine whether the evidence which is available is viable. Philosophical debate about reincarnation is also intellectually sound because “the father” of western philosophy was Plato after all.

  2. i think that for me i had to think outside the box a little
    i have heard and seen too much to make me think that we simply die after death and not go on in some form
    yet this goes against many theories on what happens to our body at point of death
    it is a weak arguement but i can only suggest that in the afterlife we are not held in the same physical laws that we are here or that we understand here… so we may never be able to truely explain it in full
    personally i do not believe that memory is held in the physical body alone … and that after death our consiousness remains alive

  3. Five senses give only info of physical world, that too in distorted form
    DNA and RNA are tools of souls, they are not independant
    And Reincarnation is a truth,We lose physical body and gross memory but not the Energy form of our personality and our lessons learnt

  4. How is it possible for people to discuss reincarnation when people have been so wondrously and marvelously made, when each person is their own unique individual. Who when the body dies yet the “consciousness” (for believers) are absent from the body and present with the Lord.
    When the Creator has designed that for each it is appointed to die and then the judgement. No re-incarnation in another form, body, etc. Just the assurance of a future resurrection … to life or to death.


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