Home Discussion Forum How will I manage negative energies that I am facing everyday?

How will I manage negative energies that I am facing everyday?


  1. Do more concentration on the postive energies. Because negative energies are the level to check how pure you are. Hope you understand. God Bless You

  2. Try meditation and read some books on positive thinking. Perhaps you should see a physiologist you may be depressed, and he can prescribe something to help you. Millions of Americans experience depression, but there is help!

  3. It is very simple. Morning when you wake up observe the first thought that comes to your mind and let it pass. practice this every morning it makes you your own master.

  4. I dont understand why you would want to manage negative energies.Change your ways and look for positive energies to manage.You will be much happier

  5. Try to Concentrate on all the good things that happened to you everyday. Try to block out or resolve all of the negativity around you. I hope you fell better.

  6. start your day with a prayer, think positive, smile to everyone, take away negative thoughts, prioritize your task for the day, take a break, do not rush and let other pressure you and end your day with a prayer and thanks giving to God. God bless!!!

  7. Hello my friend,
    I think it’s natural to avoid negative feelings. I suggest, however, that you be brave and face your negative feelings…try to understand where they are coming from…and whether that source is legitimate. It can be scary to face your negative feelings, but once you begin to understand them, they will begin to subside. This, along with encouraging your positive feelings, will change the cycle in which you are trapped.
    I am sorry you are suffering. I don’t know you, but I know you are loveable…and you are loved!


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