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How will I asked this question in Tarot?

I want to ask if he’s going to call me? But this is just a yes or no question. How can I ask it where it’s not a yes or no question. We’re not bf & gf yet.


  1. Ask, “is anyone going to call me” and if the Tarot card reader says yes, “Troy is going to call you,” then she is the first Tarot card reader in the whole country who actually got anything right.

  2. Give him your phone number and ask him to call you – why depend on less sure things when there is a better way?

  3. Simple, just phrase the question the way you want it answered. For instance, you can ask if you and this man will be BF and GF at some point in the future. The answer will only be whether this is a probability or not. You both have free will so no Tarot card can predict this absolutely. It can give you an idea if there is a good chance it will happen.


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