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How will anyone feel during near-death experience? I am very curious about it. ?

I heard from my peers that during after death experience u feel like someone pushes you to go back to you body. You hear voices saying you have to go because its not your time blah..blah . Are those really true??????


  1. Well, when i’ve had near death experiences, i’ve felt a very strong impulse to get out of the way of the thing which is going to kill me.
    Times in which i’ve been unable to do so, for example being trapped underwater, i did feel a rather strange sensation, but that was more like desperation than anything spiritual.
    I did once hear the voice telling me that it wasn’t my time, but at that particular point in time i wasn’t in a life-threatening situation.

  2. yeah the voices part sounds like total crap…i mean i guess maybe ur subconscious could fabricate the voices just from like, past knowledge or whatnot, but it seems unlikely

  3. Well theres only one way to find out, where do you live? I can come shoot you, then call 911 and leave. Dunno if you would actually survive or not….xD
    And I think them are just the voices from past experiences, or maybe they heard that from somebody else and when they were in the near death experience, they WANTED to hear voices so they did.
    Its easy to make up things in your mind.
    Very creative friends you have I must say 🙂

  4. I heard people see a dead loved one….
    I once had a car accident and I swear my life flashed before my eyes… that was strange… in black and white staggered moments of my life…

  5. you will have a flash image about your past until now.
    well,it happened to me.you see, i am being kidnapped when i was about 11,and a cruel stranger pointing a gun at me.
    luckily i was just near being shot.he will not able to play cs(shooting game)


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