How & where do you store your healing crystals?

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I am currently reading about the healing properties of crystals but my book doesn’t give any suggestions as to where the crystals should be stored. I really need to know before I purchase my stones. Thanks!

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I put color crystals in 4 corners of my home for balance and harmony

Lisa J

They should not be put away in a cupboard or a drawer.
If you have the possibility to put them on a shelf, that would be the best.
If you work all day in the same rom where your crystals are stored, be aware that you may not always feel too good! Better to have them in a room where you are only occasionally.
Hope your book tells you about cleaning them. It’s important!


Crystals are best if kept wrapped in velvet or silk (or something similar) most of mine came with small velvet bags and this is what i keep them in.
They are them placed into a small wooden box with a lid, to trap any negitive energy from getting to them 🙂
i use mine on a daily basis and this works wonders! Just never leave them out on a shelf or unprotected


Oh my god.. Just put them there u are.. some place at ur home.. everyone does it like this.. no need to hide it..


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