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How, where and why did my consciousness come to be in my particular body.?

And where did it originate from before coming to Earth.


  1. Your body came before your consciousness. You were nowhere/nothing before before your conception. Your consciousness is your mind. Your consciousness will be nowhere/nothing after your mind dies at your death. Or you can believe some crazy myth that has no foundation other than faith.

  2. youll know when you die. or you can leave your body while still alive, never done it but people can, and it takes tons of practice. i guess everybody can a little bit, but to get good it take tons of practice.
    robs an idiot, mankind still doesnt even know what the human mind is. we know what the brain is, not the mind.

  3. This suggests that consciousness can exist without a brain to maintain it.
    So far there is very little evidence aside from anecdotal testimony that seems unable to provide sufficient detail to answer your questions.
    So if we are to assume that it does originate else where and came to be in your body, then it is also safe to assume your guess is as good as mine.

  4. I propose that we procrastinate and wait to answer this question until we are dead. If it happens that we do just disappear after we die or are reincarnated, then we can just forget about it completely. If we have a sort of heaven or afterlife then we can procrastinate further, or if you insist then we could actually attempt to answer it. Until then . . . bye bye! 😀

  5. The consciousness, having no conscious memory of an existence before this body or lifetime, leaves the door wide open to any possibility, but the fact that these are not available to our present conscious has us “painted into a corner” that can truly only address the present without making a mess of assumptions, beginning with what your question makes, the assumption that our consciousness didn’t emerge as a development of our grey matter, and begin during this lifetime. This scenario I offer here does say that the spirit didn’t exist before our body, but is born out of this body, but as the spiritual community offers, doesn’t mean the end of this body equates the end of the spirit, necessarily, but can be regarded scientifically as part of the expansion of the universe, and a morph or adaptation or refinement of energy originating at the ‘big bang’.

  6. The female egg is impregnated by the male sperm to form a cell which then begins to divide and, ultimately, produces a human fetus. At some point after the brain and central nervous system are formed the light switch of consciousness (let’s refer to it as “C”) is flipped on and remains on until all electrical activity in the brain ceases at which point that little light switch of C is switched off. Your C did not exist before you came into existence (bear in mind that the universe is 13.7 billion years old) and your C will cease to exist when all electrical activity in your brain ultimately powers down and goes black. Enjoy it while it lasts because you only get the one. Of course there are billions of living things in the world, people, animals, bugs, birds, fish, plants, etc, etc ad nauseum. Most of these living things have a C, although theirs is different from yours. So it may be that, just as your C popped into existence at some point early on in your life as a homo sapien, you may pop into existence as a ficus bush, or an ant or a pelican or a haddock or an alligator at some point after your human C has ceased to exist. Of course it would not be YOU whose C popped into existence. In other words YOU are not reincarnated over and over again. But since all living things have a C then you may pop back into existence at some point in the future, or perhaps the past – (physical laws don’t preclude movements backwards in time) as some other living entity. Not one continuous C (ref whackjob Shirley McClain) but a bunch of unrelated Cs that keep popping into existence as new life forms pop into existence. I’m hoping to come back as a rabbit inasmuch as I love salad greens and I love to make lots of babies.

  7. Consciousness inseparably emanates from the soul just as sun rays emanate from the sun.
    The soul is a part of God, without beginning or end and is therefor eternal.
    In its original, purely spiritual position (i.e. having a particular face-to-face loving, devotional relationship with God), the soul is free from all material association but when the soul harbors self centered desires, it gradually starts deviating from that position. Having left the shelter of God (spiritual nature), the soul has no alternative than to take shelter of Maya (illusion), the material nature. Coming in contact with material nature, the soul (forgetting it’s original position) develops another ego (a new identity), befitting its self-centered desires. As the soul becomes covered up by material nature more deeply, it also receives a particular intelligence, mindset and a physical body, all according to these particular desires.
    Ultimately, this body (including mind, intelligence and false ego) is like a sophisticated machine developed by material nature, exactly befitting the consciousness of the conditioned soul. As the soul goes through the experiences (called ‘life’)of that body, being confronted with all its pleasures and miseries, it will consequently change its desires (trying to adjust), resulting in another consciousness, which, after death results in taking birth in another body, befitting the new consciousness. In this way, the conditioned soul, continuously adjusting her desires in the hope to attain perfection, gets facilitated by material nature, transmigrating from one body to another.
    The point of all this, is that we have to become freed again from this material covering and again retain our pure spiritual position/identity by giving up our self centered desires. That’s what religion is trying to tell. Forget about politics, just take the essence (following in the footsteps of the saints) and go with it.

  8. Around the age of 2, when you had developed enough to recognize your “self” as existing separate from others. It came from the architecture of your brain and can’t exist outside it.

  9. If you believe it was somewhere else before it got to you, then you are Socratic, but I don’t believe you are. Your consciousness is the conglomeration of your experiences so they can only be in you. Aristotle called this “knowledge acquisition”, i.e., gaining the contents of consciousness from sensate experiences upon which the normal operation of your brain then attempts to makes sense of.
    Your brain has a method of operation, and that is to makes sense of your sensate experiences, just as the liver and the heart and kidneys have their own methods of operation, doing what they do and nothing else. The experience of birth turns on the faculty in the brain which then receives the first incoming sensate experiences, and the method of operation of the brain being “epistemological” it cannot do otherwise than to “make sense” of the world.
    Epistemology “is needed in order to use and obtain knowledge of the world around us. Without epistemology, we could not think.” http://www.importanceofphilosophy.com/Epistemology_Main.html


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