How well can you see when you're astral traveling? Is it a blur or clear vision?

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Do you see details that you remember (like pineapples Can you tell who people are ..what they’re wearing etc?
333..If there was a bench and a pineapple shirt in the kitchen then you were in MY kitchen!!!lol
bella…Lucky you!! But our old house was burned down. I wonder if it would still be there ” in spirit”.lol (Wishful thinking!)

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it depends on the person, alot of ppl and i mean more than 90% of the people starting out, have blurred “vision” a small percentage cant even see


Sadly, I only remember stuff I’m told or when want me to remember it, I usually dream about it.
Which I know is going to make the skeptics want to know, how do I know I was travelling then and not just dreaming?? Because people (alive people) see, hear, smell, feel me when I’m there. I usually hear about it the next morning when I’ve been to someone else’s house.


I remember the astral projection I had when I had the fight with the bad spirit, It was at the foot of my bed where I was sleeping. all my focus was on him, as I threw and held him to the floor. I did notice when I yelled out for someone give me a cross….that it was a brass cross of Jesus Christ, and a whitish spirit hand that pass it to me over my shoulder. It all looked clear enough, but only what your focused on. I did see him as a white spirit with a glow.
The astral travel I had was dark like in space, as I met the spirit woman that I believe is the one that comes to me now. She was whitish spirit….that’s all I remember for color, but my focus was on her, and it was clear although she had no detail, features….just the way I see her when she comes to me.


Every astral journey ive been on, its like being there in person, no difference….your body feels just like it does, in the phsyical….most of the times, you cannt tell if you are actually there or in spirit…Except there are no limts, so that gives it away…Sometimes it can be dark as if flying through space at high speeds…..
Please dont bring up the pineapples again, LOL, and kitchen benches, i had the weirdest dream last night….I was actually dreaming i was astrally in my kitchen, and i thought oh no not again, but it was just a dream……Thank god……I must of gone to bed thinking about pineapples..LMAO…LOL..thanks Thought Bandit…LOL….for the pineapple inspiration…..Oh no, i cannt stop laughing again, wonder whats on the menu tonight…
And didnt Jesus see Phillip under the fruit tree…I know it wasnt phillip, but i cannt remember the other guys name…Jesus saw him….OMG..LOL…..
Yes you can tell who they are..people….its just like in your waking life….


I see ,hear,an smell,sometimes taste while I’m out…..The hardest part that took some getting use to was the vibrations I was getting while returning to my body.I feel like its the best way to travel,an you don’t have to go alone.My favorite one is when I get to go home and be on the ranch.The horses that have long passed in physical are still in the fields coming in to the barns for a grooming an some feed.The sounds and smell of a good ride and workout with the smells and sounds of leather an saddle soap…walking into the hen house to gather eggs an facing off with that hen who doesn’t want any thing to do with you!!!!!Its very cool.when you really let go an relax,memories are life around you all over again……Blessed be……….!


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