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How well can people develop telekinesis? And what things can people use it for? Can you use it to fly?

I have always been fascinated by things like telekinesis, but I was just wondering how far can it be developed, obviously not as much as in films but how much?

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  1. Of course, David Blaine, Chris Angel and David Copperfield have all demonstrated that telekinesis works and it can be used to fly.
    Now the secret is……….they are all illusionists.
    Telekinesis and flying is an illusionist trick, not real.
    If it was possible to fly then you would see people doing it.

  2. Is telekinesis or psychokinesis even possible? Well, in the sense that science has not proven (more accurately, cannot prove) that telekinesis does not exist, then yes it is possible. However, intense efforts for many years have been made to attempt to demonstrate this ability but all have failed. Not a single person – ever – has conclusively demonstrated any act of telekinesis let alone levitation, although even some modern day paranormal enthusiasts have been known to be bamboozled by simple stage magic. So to sum up, the telekinetic movement of objects is technically within the realm of possibility but exceedingly low in probability.

  3. Here’s a link to 540 people.They’ve all asked the same question,right here on Y/A.Many allow e-mail.Why not contact them and see how they made out.Maybe a few of them will fly over to your house.Then they can teach you.Anything’s possible,I suppose.

  4. There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest anyone has (or has had) any telekinetic powerswhatsoever, to even the smallest degree.
    If anyone had, they would be world-famous and in enormous demand.

  5. You can develope the ability to use for just about anything within reason of course. And no you could not use it to fly. You may not be able to move an automobile or make objects fly through the air but you can make things more when your abilities are strong enough to make it happen.

  6. they can develop it very well,however what they use for that depends on the person,and if they can fly,not that i know of ,but
    possibly they can perform bi-location(The appearance of an individual in two places simultaneously)
    and levitation(To rise or cause to rise into the air and float in apparent defiance of gravity)

  7. You seem to be starting with the conclusion that TK actually exists. Considering there has been absolutely no verifiable demonstration of such abilities I think you’re off to a bad start.
    I’ve seen many claims that such a phenomenon is real, but for some reason no one has ever provided a demonstration. Why would this be?

  8. One cannot develop an ability that does not exist. I can no more see through walls than you can, indeed no one can. As far as the ability to fly is concerned, there is a little thing called physics that may get in your way.
    Oh, forgive me, I forgot, the laws of nature are powerless in the presence of the idiocy that is the belief in the paranormal.


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