Home Discussion Forum How was the Salem Witchcraft trials solved?

How was the Salem Witchcraft trials solved?

I’m doing a History day project, and my topic is the Salem Witchcraft Trials, and i have to find the conflict and compromise. Any ideas? Sadly, nobody can help me since i hav to do it by myself, and other people in my class has partners but i’m a loner. HELP!


  1. I think I know where you can find the details. Go to the “Leap Over Web Clutter” section and use the link under history. There is a compressed time line and articles on various events like that. Good luck.

  2. They weren’t ‘solved’, the witch craft hysteria which gripped New England in the 1690s simply died out.

  3. How were they solved? I don’t understand your question. But they were all hung because they thought that they were witches.

  4. Conflicts: Most believe that the witch trials divided along the lines of community conflicts.
    Historians disagree on the specific reasons for the trials, the explanation for who was accused, etc.
    Compromises: the witch trials were the last of their kind in the US, new ways of dealing with these problems had to be found.
    How the trials came to an end and were interpreted later
    I cannot give you any better advice than to actually go read some of the books below. The Salem Witch trials are fascinating.


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