How to you Control Your Subconscious Mind?

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I have been wondering how people do it. This question is ONLY for people who can control their Subconscious Mind, I don’t want to hear from people who have theory’s on how to, I want to hear from people who do it sorry.

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I dont know how I do it
Ive just always been able to
I never knew I could until someone I know said they could do it
and then they told me what it is and I realized Id been controlling my subconscious mind all along

D Spanishrose

GREAT QUESTION!….I want to know too!…


i think i know why you want to know this. i recently watched a documentary on mind Control. you want to know this because our subconscious mind reads codes for example commercials have secret messages that our subconscious mind picks up and we do not know about it and it can trigger for example voices in our heads or cravings for a certain food or electronic device , right?
i also know ALOT about new world order and haarp. i invited you to connect, my email address is
oh and check this website out it will tell you alot about how you can control your subconscious mind . i myself haven’t read it yet but it was forwarded to me just as i saw this question.


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