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How to you become a shaman or a medium?


  1. Just start calling yourself one.
    You may have to invent your own religion around it to avoid people calling you out on whatever magical “qualifications” they have, but really…when it comes down to it…you just make it up as you go.
    I mean, it’s not as though you can go off to the University and get a degree in it or anything…

  2. Just tell people you are.
    After all, so-called shamans and mediums are out and out shams. Nothing real about what they say that they do.

  3. They are different things.
    Many shamen run in families or clans. One will learn from their parents or grandparents, growing up in the life. I know a native shaman, and she was originally taught mostly by her grandmother. Since then, she “trades” lore with other shamen and healers wherever she travels. There is something inherited in it I think, but also a great deal of training – years of it.
    Being a medium is something of a gift. You either have it or not. It can be developed, but I am not sure by how much.
    I am not sure either can be done by someone without the gift. The shaman I know says her gifts come from the Creator, and she shares with others without payments, as that is they way it is supposed to be (at least, in her culture).


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