How to use the Tarot?

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I have had this pack of tarot cards for a while and a book that tells you the meaning. I want to learn what they all mean and how to use them. Any help here? thanks

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i am dog

read the book.


If you’re going to use them to amaze your friends, they can mean whatever you want. I use only the major arcana, since the pictures give me something to draw on without making me memorize too much.
Step two is telling your friends pretty much generic things you already know about them. Add things you know about pretty much everyone and express it in vague terms, and they will volunteer the rest. You become an instant psychic.
For people you don’t know, look up ‘cold reading’ techniques.
Oh, you believe in this stuff? Sorry. They’re just cards. I’m good enough I could make you believe. But believe me, they’re just cards. It’s a party trick, like a Ouija board.


Pick one card a day, check it’s interpretation in your book and try to connect with it, meaning let the card tells you it’s story. That’s how you will develop your intuition as well.


It can be confusing when learning the specifics of tarot. Have a look at the web sites below ok.
Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx


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