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How to use telepathy?

I am really eager to learn how to use telepathy. Only answer seriously or not at all.


  1. If i were trying to learn telepathy, i would probably start by learning how to focus 100% on a single thought, no distractions or anything just think of that one thing, then once you can focus this well, focus on what you want to happen, but dont just focus on it, KNOW that what you want to happpen WILL happen, and it will. simple as that

  2. Learn to do Buddhist meditation. Before you can control objects around you, you must first learn to control your own mind.

  3. The truly talented already know because it’s instinct, not to say that it can’t be improved through practice. If you have to ask, you probably aren’t, so don’t waste your time. If you really were, government Scanners would have already found you anyway.

  4. Telepathy does not exist.
    If it did, the brain would need to either a: emit a signal or/and
    b: receive a signal
    There is no signal that the brain can pick up without some kind of intermediate like eardrums, eyes, nerves etc. The brain emits nothing except electrical signals (along nerves) or electromagnetic radiation in the form of heat.
    There is nobody alive who can do this. If it were possible, the person would be a worldwide celebrity, would clean up at vegas and of course, would be employed at Guantanamo Bay to ‘interview’ people and avoid the US military lots of negative publicity.


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