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How to use Tarot cards?

I’ve really gotten into the tarot cards, can someone explain a bit more about how they work, and the steps on how to deal the cards to pick them for your past future and other settings. Thanks.
Oh and does this contact dead or show certain things about dead people?


  1. Depends on the Deck, depends on the interpretation. Some decks are more specific in certain areas than others. Some formats have prelayed interpretations, for example the first card placed on the table relates to work, the second love, the third personal growth, etc. Depending on the style of tarot depends on how you deal them. As for contacting the dead, no, tarot is a tool for intuition, like the I Ching.
    Check out the site below for further insight.

  2. There are so many variables when it comes to tarot.
    To tell it all would take a volume of books.
    Everyone has different way or relationship with the cards which comes with time and experience.
    There are thousands of different spreads as well. Which ones you use depends upon what ones you like, or what spread might seem better than another in regards to the question being asked.
    Laying out the cards for a spread is another thing that is really up to you.
    Everyone has a different way to do it. Some like to shuffle three times and then cut the deck into three piles then pulling the top card off each pile. Some people just cut the deck once after shuffling.
    Contacting the dead or to show things about them is no different than asking any other question.
    Want to know more and talk with others who know or are learning tarot
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  3. Hello
    Oh that first deck – remember it well!
    To explain them is a long task, I run a tarot course that goes worldwide, but I also have an online forum for tarot students of all stages.
    The forum is free & you can ask questions as they arise, practice & have fun. See link below.

  4. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to use them. I prefer to play card games with Tarot cards. I also don’t believe the cards have the ability to predict the future or contact the dead. The cards were originally intended for a card game similar to modern bridge. Tarot card games are still played today in continental Europe. Tarot cards would not be used for predicting futures until long after the creation of the deck.

  5. In my experience, the Tarot is a tool for channeling Divine influence and combining it with intuition and one’s ability to interpret.
    How you “deal” or lay out the cards is called a spread. There are literally thousands of spreads to choose from. Some are good for certain concerns or questions, some are very general, and some are best used at certain times of the year.
    I don’t believe that divination in any form connects us to “the dead.” Any spiritual practice is potentially a link between the spirit world (God and any lesser spirits in whom you may believe, such as angels or the Fey). But the goal of divination is to provide support to the person being read, not to have a conversation. That can be done by praying.
    I recommend buying (or borrowing) as many books as possible, talking to your community’s reader(s), and putting a lot of practice into it. Tarot is complex, and each reader has his/her own style and preferences. Good luck on your journey. I hope you find fulfillment in it.


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