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How to use Feng Shui to make an overstayed welcome parent move out of your house?

I am need of advice on how to use feng shui or any other tips to make my father move out of mine and my husband’s house. He has been here too long and doesn’t not seem to have any notion to leave. He is retired and says he just wants to be around us! His stay is getting bothersome to us but we do not want to hurt his feelings. I was hoping there was some feng shui cure for this but can’t seem to find any. And we are in the process of trying to sell our house, so the feng shui correction can not interfere with that.
I just want to add that my father is healthy and has retired with a good deal of money. He does not “need” to stay with us. He can easliy afford something close to us. We love him dearly but as an adult, you move out of your parents house and you don’t expect them to move back in with you – especially since he does not need to be cared for. It puts a strain on our marriage (only 4 years married) because we sometimes have no time to ourselves. I just want some advice on how to help him understand that we need our space too!
For those of you who feel sorry for my dad that I feel this way, you should know one more thing…
He does not help out with money, groceries or anything but expects me to cook and clean for him. He also sits out back of my house almost every day and just drinks beer – sometimes 12 a day. Now, I have 3 children – 12, 3 and 5 months and this is something that I don’t want them exposed to. My dad can’t even help babysit if I need to do something because he typically has already had too many beers.


  1. fengshui is not a cure-all.
    there is a way to get rid of your dad, but it will also get rid of everybody living in the house – this is as far as fengshui is concerned. and most of the time, this can end up fatal for all.
    remember fengshui is a chinese thing, and chinese do keep parents in the house for as long as they live, even when they become bothersome. you can only have 1 father and 1 mother. no matter how annoying they can be, they are irreplaceable, unlike husbands/ spouses! that is why there is something called divorce… have you heard somebody divorced a parent???

  2. Be happy that your Dad loves you and your husband. The Chinese people honor their parents and consider them wise. People in the United States find alternate places to house their parents and consider them a nuisance. Why don’t you buy a house with a small in-law suite attatched. Feng Shui is used to bring in luck, money, happiness etc…….not get rid of you father. Shame on you.

  3. Sweetie, you need to have a talk with your Dad. I don’t feel sorry for him and I am probably his age. If you are married have your husband talk to him. He can always buy a place close to you since he sounds financially secure. I think he is taking advantage of you and I wouldn’t want my kids around someone who drinks 12 bottle of beer a day. You must be tactful, but direct.
    Good Luck


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