How to use body energy/chi/qi/?





anyone can teach me or define what chi is?how can i build up body chi?


  1. Chi according to Chinese philosophy is a physical and spiritual energy in everything (like the Force) that can be directed (its inside us, so there’s no need to harness it like electricity) to allow the body to endure great pain and be pushed beyond normal limits (like a fighter getting into “the zone”).
    To learn how to control a specific directional flow of it from the abdomen (abdomen = source), you are best practicing forms of kung fu that specifically focus on harnessing chi, like Tai Chi or Chi Gong.

    I am a big believer in ki (or Chi) and have always been.
    Here is my best analogy to explain CHI to the unbeliever or curious:
    Watch the Olympics and observe the weight lifters. Notice the intense concentration and heavy breathing these guys do just before their lift. It looks almost as if they put themselves in a trance, or enacting a bout of self-hypnosis just before they put their entire existance into that one lift. In my opinion, they are practicing CHI before AND during their extreme exertion.
    It is the same in the martial arts, you do CHI exercises to give you that mental/emotional stability as you train to defend yourself in any extreme situation just as the Olympic weight lifter mentally prepares himself just before he attempts his lift AND all threw his exertion as he used good technique to raise that weight above his head.

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