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How to use Amethyst as a healing stone?

I got a question, how do you use Amethyst as a healing stone?
Is it true that Amethyst can bring you sweet dreams if you place it under your pillow?
Also, I want to know how to sense a healthy virbration in the Amethyst.


  1. Amethyst is known as “Nature’s Tranquilizer” because of its healing and calming properties. It also used for deepening awareness and raising consciousness and is associated with the third eye. Amethyst can enhance mental strength, stability and vigor. Physically, it works on the central nervous system and any type of chronic pain. It reportedly brings body systems into balance, from digestion to blood sugar.

  2. One of the most important things in using any stone in healing is that it be completely natural and untreated. Many stones for sale in the marketplace have been heat or chemically treated to enhance color and amethyst is no exception. These treatments hamper the natural color vibrations of the stone and lessen its effectiveness.


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