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how to use a scrying mirror?

I recently bought a black mirror to scry with and I do not know if I am using it correctly. I take all this seriously and I did not buy this mirror as a toy. Do i need to bathe it in moonlight for each session? I use certain candles too and I meditate and calm myself before I use it and then I start. I don’t really see images yet, but I think the mirror does get foggy, but it may be my eyes acting up too. I just wanted to know if anyone has any input about this. Thank you


  1. I used to use one all of the time. just relax and stare into it. you will see incredible things, trust me on that

  2. Scrying is all about clearing your mind and letting impressions manifest in your imagination. Nothing is required (except the right disposition), and anything that works for you works for you.
    I haven’t done any scrying for years, but I when I practiced I used a simple banishing ritual (LBRP or the Star Ruby worked for me) and I recommend that as an aid to focus if nothing else. Like everything else with this sort of thing, your mileage may vary. Think of every image as a metaphor and relax, it’ll come if you really want to do that.

  3. you’re doing fine, you don’t have to bathe it in moonlight before you use it unless you want, remember with scrying you’re mostly journeying inside your own mind, it’s always good to clear your mind first and calm yourself, allow your eyes to lose focus, it can take you many places, scrying is kind of like meditation meets tarot, it works differently for different people, and not at all for some, but keep practicing at it and it can help you learn much, just remember to show it respect, and connect with it as with your other tools


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