How to use a pendulum for Channeling your Spirit Guides

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Simply put, Channeling is the process of accessing higher energies and then translating impulses of information into your language. These higher energies (also known as “Astute” * Energies) can be identified as God, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, or Higher Soul-Selves. The Higher Soul-Self is the soul’s true divine essence, literally the part of the soul that is not encumbered by this physical reality. When we Channel, our intention is to reach through the multiple layers of Ego and to access Astute Energy from one’s Higher Soul-Self, from God or from other Astute Entities.

Guess what? You already know how to Channel! Everyone Channels all of the time. We are connected by a universal source (God) and pull in divine information constantly without consciously knowing it. In its most obvious form it is known as inspiration or intuition. We are all souls inhabiting physical bodies and as such we all have the ability to commune openly with our Higher Soul-Selves. However, somewhere along the way in our human development we collectively forgot that we could exist, in these physical bodies, experience what we came here to experience, and still have the benefit of divine influence. Somewhere along the way we buried this in our subconscious. You can take it back! It is your birthright! When you make a conscious effort to “tune-in to” or Channel the Higher Energies, you become more consciously receptive to receiving them. It is like opening the valve on a garden hose and allowing clear, cool water to wash through you. It feels wonderful to bask in divine energy and the very act of recognizing that these divine energies not only exist, but are also available to you, elevates you and speeds up the process. When you Channel, you allow Astute Energy in just by participating in it!


Location – Choose a location where you will typically do your Channeling. It can be any table or desk in a quiet space in your home. It is not necessary but feel free to add candles, crystals, devotional items or anything else you desire. You can actually Channel anytime, anyplace. The energy is in YOU. However, establishing a routine helps to set the energy in motion.

Pendulum — Prior to the first use of the Pendulum, cleanse the natural crystal. This can be done easily by holding it in your hands and allowing tap water to run over it for a few minutes. (It is best to think joyful, elevated thoughts while doing this.) Pat the crystal dry with a soft cloth and it is ready to use. A ROSE QUARTZ pendulum is common for the vibrational frequency of Love and heart energy. You can use any kinds of crystal pendulum you wish.

It is highly recommended that you take a few minutes to center yourself before beginning your Channeling. This will help you communicate more easily with the higher energies. Meditate or relax with a few deep, cleansing breaths. Address your guides, thank them for joining you and ask for guidance and protection.


Sit comfortably. Place both elbows on the table. Hold the pendulum in one or two hands by the end of the chain so that the crystal hangs directly above the black circle in the center of the board. There should be 6-8 inches of chain hanging from your hand to the crystal. The crystal should hang about a half inch to an inch above the board without touching the board. This is your Neutral Position.

YES and NO

First, establish what your signal will be for “Yes” and “No”. These will either be a vertical and horizontal swinging of the pendulum or a clockwise and counterclockwise circle. Ask to be shown what your signal is for “Yes”. Your pendulum will start to move. Observe the swinging motion. When a definite pattern is established, that is your “Yes” indicator. Stop the crystal, hold it over the middle again and ask to be shown your signal for “No”. It should swing in the opposite direction from the “Yes” signal. Do this a few times until you are certain. Most people find they initially have the vertical and horizontal lines. After a while the swing will become more elliptical and turn into a clockwise/counterclockwise indicator.

Next, practice with questions that can only be answered by “Yes” or “No”. Start each question fresh, hold the pendulum very still in the center of the board and ask your question. It might take a while to respond, just relax and let the energy flow. Practice this for several sessions until you feel comfortable with the technique and the answers are easily interpreted.


Time, space and dimension are not the same here as they are for those you Channel. For this reason Channeling about specific dates and times is not advisable.

Also, when you are emotionally invested in the outcome of a Channeling, your Ego can influence the message.

Making life-altering decisions based on these Channelings is not advised.

* Channeling does not replace the advise of medical, legal or other Professionals.

About the Author

Mary Louise Schiavone is the creator and author of The Isis Channeling & Feng Shui Deluxe Kit„¢, including its unique board and guide book. She is naturally intuitive as well as a perpetual student having studied extensively all aspects of Metaphysics, Spirituality, Energy, Healing, Yoga and has Black belts in several Martial Arts. Mary Louise is also a Channeler/Instructor, Feng Shui Instructor and consultant, Adamantine Healing System Master Teacher and a Reiki Master Teacher.

Douglas J. Benson dedicated a large portion of his life to understanding the “Spirituality In All Things” and continues to do so. He is also intuitive, a Channeler, Reiki L2 practitioner, Feng Shui practitioner and an Adamantine Healing System Master. Both Mary louise and Doug are “Ordained Ministers.”

Mary Louise and Doug are partners in all things and continue to Grow and Radiate Love from within. Their web site is

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