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by heatstream44:

We know for a fact we use 10% of our brain, and I feel we are capable of much more….I feel technology has hidden our natural ability deep inside ourselves so we no longer know how to reach it.
In the bible it states in many verses that we are capable of ALOT, but I just dont know how to reach it….I mean we can heal ourselves, we can move mountains….but we dont know how. Think of the amazing things we have now, and the stuff we dont even know about that the government has made or been a part of…..with only 10% of our brain….double that to 20% what would our lives be like, try 50%, even keep going to 90%…..we could probably levitate ourselves and use the energy all around us to live our lives….
Does anyone think God has done this on purpose, or have we brought ourselves down to this level??

Answer by krusty477
That is actually WRONG. We use %100 percent of our brains.
%10 is the concious portion (our minds eye)
%88 is our sub-concious portion
%2 is other functions (heart, lungs)


  1. Greetings,
    The ancient people is the people that have many special ability. But year after year, people getting weaker and weaker. And now? we use machine to go anywhere, we are too depending on other thing rather use ourself energy. How to unlock it? 1) find special meditation technique guru(High level). 2) stop eating junk food. 3) keep your body busy( at least getting sweat, everyday). 4)train your brain to be more calm and relax.
    Good luck for your journey my friend

  2. i did unlock all of my brain we can move things with our mind at 35 and we evolve every day but i unlocked my brain power weird i look normal but i chew that was your hint

  3. Humans are so self destructive. I wouldn’t be shocked if our creator, the ultimate being locked the 90% as a way of stopping us from destroying ourselves and this world. In any case, I still would like to be able to use a little more of my brain. Sometimes i feel so restricted, I want to be able to do more.

  4. hi i am glenda williams i am 41 years old and i need to unblock my brain naturally as those beta blockers and anti depressants are too strong for my imnue system as i am extemely sensetive to all medication and i need to unblock negative thoughts thst is harbouring my mind for seven years now please help me i bless the day i find some good help from you i need to unblock this evil curse that somebody spelled on me it is the333 conspiracy curse please help me out SOS…GOD BLESS

  5. Some people say that we only use 10% of our brain, but the fact is nobody knows what percentage of the brain we actually use. So how much is there to “activate?” The question really can’t be answered.
    There is not a single neuroscientist who has been able to quantify the brain?s full potential. We can’t even say that we use 100% of it. However, evidence points to humans using most of our brain – definetly more than 10%.

  6. Well Heatstre, you read the Bible but skipped over the most important part or you wouldn’t be asking. Christ said you must have 100% faith. “With faith you can tell that mountain to jump into the sea and that mountain will jump.” I think He meant the mountain will crumble into the sea. FAITH to believe that what you say and believe will surely happen. FAITH (powerful, overwhelming) feeling, your prophesy (your words and thoughts) is the correct answer.

  7. I don’t know about 10%, but judging by some of the obnoxious responses here, I’d say you’re not far too off track. As for a key (not that I’d know), yeah, I’d guess meditate. They say the genius has less brain activity, but processes things more efficiently, so I’d guess focus, good diet and belief in yourself would help you along.

  8. 10%…
    No man.
    I suggest that if you want to “unlock” the potential of your brain you perform the following:
    Get plenty of sleep.
    Turn off the T.V.
    Attend a critical thinking course.
    Meditate and learn proper breathing.
    Eat right.
    Play chess.
    Study music and art.
    Fall in love.

  9. I think we have done a lot with our brains for the few millions of years we have been around. A lot of time went by before we discovered fire, then planting crops, domesticating animals, creating the wheel, etc. Things has been progressing at great speed since. We now control the greatest source of energy, the same energy that the sun uses and someone will show how it can be used. Probably Iran, or maybe North Korea.

  10. Slice you’re brain in half then hold one half in each hand with the sliced side up and you have two open halfs. The open mind theory. Let me know if it works out for you.

  11. If God exists, then yes, it seems that he locked our brains at a 10% performance capability level, which, so far, means that we are capable of much more than we already have achieved.
    What will it take to unlock the next 90%? Who knows – that may allow us to become Gods ourselves.

  12. First, before I make any attempt to sort through the rest of your post, I would like a citation for the following “fact.”
    We know for a fact we use 10% of our brain
    I hear this a lot, but where is the research? The white paper?

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