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How to transform negative into positive energy?

It’s quite easy to get rid of the negative energy by yelling to another subject or if the person is more conscious and psychologically developed he/she gets rid of the negative energy on an object, hitting something, running or doing other physical activities, but the ultimate aim I’m wondering is, how you transmute that powerful negative energy (anger, anxiety and such) into something really positive, meaningful, constructive and practical? That make you tickle how powerful can a person be if he can control and transmute energies, thus changing the whole surrounding – universe, or I’m going to far? 🙂


  1. Not to far at all but first you must understand energy. First you talk of emotion and its assimilation to energy. Yelling, hitting, running these are actions which burn energy but don’t define or change it. Also when you say negative I have to believe you mean unproductive or mean or something along those lines and when you say positive you mean productive, nice or something along those lines. Where energy is actually a force, a charge, one negative ( and will always be negative ) and one positive ( and will always be positive ). Our greatest physicists can’t even change that. So all you need to change is how you word things.

  2. I am one of those people. For some reason I have some anger issues and a short fuse. I find myself feeling trapped at times and take my frustrations out in the wrong way and on the wrong people. So to combat these feelings I’ve started learning to respect the way people feel or the way they do certain things. For example, my fiance is the kind of person that leaves empty boxes from cereal in the cabinet…that drives me insane…why not just throw it away or put it in the recycle bin???? We have fought repeatedly about this and with her help and a little help from a therapist I’ve learned that it’s really not an important part of our relationship. The important part of our relationship is that she is happy and that I am happy being with her. At the end of the day who really cares about that stupid cereal box. At the end of the day it’s important to me to hold her and look her in the eyes and see the love she has for me and know the love I have for her….that is just one example. It has been a work in progress and now I’m seeing the benefit of positive thinking. I have strangers smiling at me and people asking me why I’m smiling all the time?? It is the power of positive energy and you get back what you give. It’s not easy but it can be done….slowly but surely I’ve gained a ton more confidence and met some great people along the way…also had to cut ties with some not so positive influences in my life. Now when I get into a situation when someone is being negative I try to refrain from blurting out nonsense and then try to see what kind of positive spin I can put on things and into their lives. It’s the old “pay it forward” thing. A little positive energy can go a long way.

  3. Hi,
    No, you are not going too far; the transformation of negative energy to positive energy is being accomplished daily. People with disabilities who have overcome them and are living successful lives, example: Christopher Reeves. Both negative and positive energy can be controlled by simply being aware of when those emotions take over and acknowledging them. Then making a conscious effort to decide to turn the negative into a positive. For example, the woman who started MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) started it because a member of her family was killed by a drunk driver. She was mad and turned her negative energy into positive energy by focusing her energy into creating an organization that helps others with the same issue. Our perception of events that happen to us can be changed from negative to positive instantaneously, if we practice. Many people do this by saying “Everything happens for a reason” and believing it! Best Wishes!


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