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How to surround yourself with more positive people and let go of the negative ones in your life?

I have just found a new peace in life: love for myself and working towards my dreams again, yet, I still am left with friends who still habor negative energy, negative thoughts, and negative ways. I have tried to help them with postive energy but it only repels off of them. How do I find more positive people like myself and rid myself of those negative close to me without being harsh?


  1. slowly distance yourself from negative people. just keep it short and sweet. as for meeting positive people, join groups in your area or maybe take yoga classes or something. u dont need anyone because all you need is yourself.

  2. I am trying to do the same thing, but its because I think negative thoughts alot, and I been going to a therapist. I come to realize I need to start hanging around positive people, so I have been trying to find some, which I have but I dont want to like beg them to be my friend.

  3. i am like you! all my old friends are pretty negative, at least many of them are, also my family members.
    you can meet positive people in charitable groups and athletic groups (i joined a running training group and the people are very positive)
    good luck


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