How to summon your inner dragon?






okay, i’m really into the whole magic thing, and i found this interesting “spell” to find your inner dragon.
“Meditate, and as you are meditating chant ‘thy dragon is calm, thy dragon is free, rage the dragon inside of me.’ Now, if you’ve done this correctly, you should get a feeling. Ask the dragon questions etc…”
when i tried this, i’ll admit that it seemed to be working, but i don’t know if it was my imagination. does anyone have any advice on how to summon my inner dragon, and possibly, bond with it on a spiritual level?!


  1. ok really it depends on what sort of spell it is
    bare with me, this isn’t my area of expertise, but
    I think what you need to do is first balance your mind, body and spirit. Ok how do you do that? mediation, and sometimes the presence of particular rocks helps (an angelite, one of the 3 angel stones, might be what you are looking for)
    other things that might help you- ask a wiccan (they seem to be good with these things) and inquire about candles- some are specially made for spells.
    Good luck and sorry I can’t be too helpful- its something that’s hard to study.

  2. wow sounds like you were very close, ok, so you need complete balance of your mind body and spirit, the first time you do this, you usually fil because you kinda get all excited for a bit like ‘omg its working’… resulting in an imbalance, this is why it didnt work. you need to try this again now that you know what to expect, and when you feel something happening dont lose your head, keep calm and focused, meditate a WHOLE lot more and you should manage this eventually, i have tried this many times and you do fail more than you succeed, =[especially when my interfering familoy are barking orders at me left right and centre, they beleive that meditation is an excuse for me to sleep and say its lazy… small minded folks…
    the dragon is kind of… an opening to your soul, and to bond with it on a spiritual level may be asking too much of it, they can be slightly…. temperamental…

  3. to start with, it sounds like youve done very well by yourself up to now with this. it sounds like you managed to get most of the way to your goal. now, binding an inner essence such as this is a very difficult thing. i would recommend going at it gradually, meditating say 2 times a day and staying connected a little longer each time. this gives you time to understand and control what is going on. also, if you try to do it all at once, the binding can become a little too thorough, and by this i mean that you and your “inner dragon” may become one personality totally different from either individually. this isnt necessarily a bad thing mind you, but being able to seperate when you need to can be very useful. also, remember that this “inner dragon” is another aspect of yourself, so do not try to forcibly bind it, as that only hurts you and diminishes the result. hopefully this info helps you. good luck

  4. I tried a spell once it seemed to work. I used candles , mine was a good spell so things would work out for someone. I know if you write down the spell and turn on the candles and turn off the candles when u r done to seal it , something like that. It worked for me. If you do a good spell you get 3 times back good. If you do a bad spell you get 3 times back bad. So watch yourself, don’t go crazy. Sure everything in moderation is usually safe.
    Good luck . I don’t know about the dragon. What is the inner dragon is that things you need to work out or some serpent power thing. I’m unsure. Good luck with the spell. I hope it works for you.

  5. ok yea the inner dragon is related to the serpent power or kundalini. Some people might call what your trying to do summon your inner dragon a kundalini rising. That’s what I think those two are the same things. Esoteric is secret stuff so they use mythology to talk about it. Not so secret these days anymore but still is to alot of people. You know serpent power is in your spine , its a strong energy that rises up your spine to your head for spiritual awakening/magik stuff happening with this experience. Like seeing ghosts,out of body, mystical type some.

    • Okay yourv inner dragon is a bond of you to it and when fully awaken you can be like a dragon but the sad thing is it does not let u breath fire but when you have balance with it you can bring it from the spirit wrld and u then can call on the dragons elemental features such as the sight strength and a good one reflexes of it rock is the 4 th awater 3rd air 2nd and fire1st

  6. i was born with the ability or just was always able to talk to my inner dragon as far back as i can remember at times through my life he was my only friend it is true that they are connected to your emotions but its so much more then that its apart of you in more ways then youll ever know yes meditation does work with bringing them forth but youll have to do more then that to keep them with you remember if you neglect them and they close their eyes to you youll have to regain their trust in you and you in your self

  7. So in my spellcasting experience it takes a LOT of focus and concentration I’ve come across 2 spells that have the purpose of awakening your inner dragon. But 1st remember that like other comments have said “the dragon is part of you” and if you want its help and ability to consult with it (might sound silly and/or strange) show your dragon respect. If after the spell and meditation you have your dragon’s attention bond with it see what it wants, merge your will with its even if a LITTLE bit of compromise is necessary to get cooperation. I emphasize a little because you don’t want it to overwhelm your desires otherwise you might as well not bother dealing with your dragon. Dragons are powerful, gaining its favor will add to your strength but don’t expect a lot of ridiculousness like on t.v or whatever.
    That other awakening spell I mentioned
    “Excitandum interioris es dracone.”
    Its a chant you’re supposed to say it 8-ish times whilst focusing on your inner dragon and willing it out. Feel free to let me know if you get in touch with your dragon

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