How to successfully step out of my body during astral projection?





Okay, my techniques to start projection are:
1. Don’t eat for an hour, then eat some saltine crackers.
2. Lay down, listen to ambient music, close my eyes, and take deep breaths.
3. My body begins vibrating.
That’s as far as I get. I’ve waited 2+ hours several times trying to get out of my body, and all attempts have failed. What can I do to pop out of my physical form?


  1. have a successful astral projection you don’t need music and special place to sleep have to be comfortable ,extremely relaxed that’s the condition dear .
    so you lie in your bed and have your relaxing position,,try to stay relaxed as possible..try to stimulate vibrations starting from you toes and spread it up in your whole body..some people waits it to come accidentally and some stimulate it..
    you can try sleep for tow hours and then wake up for 5 mins (without moving)and then try to sleep agian..these are some ways to be in vibrational state
    once you are in vibrational state,thats mean you are very close for achieving your goal ..dont be so excited or afraid ..just go with it..try to have some picture and discover it or try moving your hand without using actual muscles..if it didnt work: try rotating your body or just say i wnat to get up now and will see that it worked ..dont be frustrated if it didnt at the first or second time..actually it will work and you will practice it then you will master it …its about controlling your consciousness and will be amazed on how can you experience this astral plane .

  2. try to clear your mind and when you start hearing noises and crap like e.g people speaking or a weird sound that i cannot explain, you’re on the border of the astral plane just imagine yourself floating towards the sealing.

  3. You’re forgetting a couple steps:
    4. Rub onions all over your body.
    5. Shave your head.
    6. Do an armstand for 20 minutes.
    7. Write “I’m gullible” on your forehead.

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