how to stop the fear of vibrations and sounds during astral projection?

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i regularly experience astral projection and think it is something scary or like being paralyized..i think about sacry stuff and happen during this…i new recently its very normal and since i experience this regularly i think i can do it …but how i overcome the fear when i feel vibrations and scary sounds??

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Y'ha-nthlei - Deist Proselytizer

Simple. Realize that “astral projection” is anti-scientific woo-woo BS.

Santo Calibre

Those sounds are the devil coming to pick you up in his astral taxi.

Teza S

By accepting that you will be scared and that it will happen you actually feel less fear.

Little Lady


Somebody else's Grandpa

Fear is your friend. It is a functionality God built into us to help us notice that something we’re doing is dangerous. Overcome it, and soon you’ll be doing even more dangerous things.

Been There

This is apparently a common occurrence.
When I first started meditating regularly, I would sometimes wake up from sleeping, paralyzed and experiencing a strong vibration and loud buzzing. It was very frightening. When I read in a book that it was a prelude to astral travel, I decided to stop fighting it and see what happened next. The next time I encountered it, I yielded to the sensations, which quickly faded (took about 2 seconds) and woke up. Not exactly astral travel.
When this type of experience happens during falling asleep, during sleep, or during waking, psychologists called it a hynogogic hallucination (while falling asleep) or hypnopompic hallucination (while waking). It is not considered a paranormal activity, but just a normal variation on falling asleep or waking up.

robert C

throw away your whoopee cushion

Astral Projection

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When I feel what I think is an astral projection it begins with a falling feeling and then a loud sound kinda like when you yawn.
The sound gets louder and louder and the falling or pulling feeling gets stronger. Now I used to be afraid of this and try to wake up and was paralyzed I could maybe move a finger tip and make a small sound if I tried very hard. I finally stopped being scared of this and rode it out a couple times and after all of the noise and falling is silence complete silence and I seen myself lying in my bed and I was at the foot of the bed. I then tried to make a move and I woke up again paralyzed for a short time.
Now I also seen 111 or 1111 all of the time …. I mean all of the time for like 10+ years. Now up until about 2 years ago this has stopped along with the astral projections which I also have had for 10+ years. . . .


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