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How to start reflection on my World Religions class?

we just finished unit 1 where we covered shamanism, totemism and animism and a couple other things.
i basically just want to know how to start it off… any ideas? i’m not creative. thank you!
i knew this section wasn’t gonna be helpful
oh, it’s pretty straightforward. i meant looking back at what I’ve learned so far. nobody else i’ve met has been confused about this. and i said “unhelpful” because of the other guy’s answer.
i don’t know if you read my question properly but I wrote “unit 1, where we covered shamanism, totemism and animism.” i’m not going to go over the outline with you. I gave the main subjects and i needed relevant starters. i’ve seen more obscure questions out there that have received more than adequate responses.
bad day?
thanks helper725, that’s more like it


  1. “Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.”
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  2. The term “reflection” can have lots of meanings. What kind of “reflection” are you thinking about? Do you mean that you want to think about or ponder something, or are you referring to some kind of doctrine called “reflection,” or some other meaning?
    “Unit 1” doesn’t mean anything to anybody here. Unless we have access to the book or lesson plan your teacher is using, it’s just the first part of your course, and is not remotely universal.
    This section can’t help if you’re not clear about what you need, and so far, you haven’t been.
    Edit: Ok – now I understand what you have in mind. If you’re going to review the material and write about it, I would presume that you want to do a summation. You might want to talk about what they have in common (they’re in the same study unit for a reason), so you might want to talk about the similarities of those beliefs. If you have to write out a paper, then starting with something as simple as a hypothesis should work; something like, “Shamanism, totemism, and animism have several common elements; they also have some important differences, including , , and .”
    In the next paragraphs, you’d elaborate on those similarities and differences. Ultimately you’d finish up with a restatement of your hypothesis for your final paragraph, and a statement about how you have “proven” your hypothesis.


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