like what should be my first steps to be a wiccan?
I also prefer white or gray magick. o, and please, don’t try to tell me that magick is evil and sent from the devil, and i’m gonna go burn up in hell. also please don’t try to convert me to your religion. i just wanna know what to do to start really practicing magick?


  • If you don’t want to convert to my religion – then stay away from Wicca.

    Because that’s what it is – NOT magic.

    Wicca is about a relationship with the gods of Wicca – not casting spells.

    If you are interested in ceremonial magick, look at Aleister Crowley or John Dee.

  • Like many people have suggested, try

    Also, pick up lots of books to read. Some really good authors are Scott Cunningham, Vivianne Crowley, Janet and Stewart Farrar, Gavin Bone and Raymond Buckland.

    Magic is not a tenet of Wicca. Wiccans accept magic as real force, and some use it, but the religion itself is independent of witchcraft. The three basic tenets of Wicca are:
    Believe in duality of Deity, God and Goddess, and honor them.
    Celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats.
    Follow the Wiccan Rede “and it harm none, do as you will”

    There are others, and the “actual” tenets of Wicca are really debated, but those three are commonly agreed upon.

    As far as magic goes, most people will assert that there is no white, no black, no grey, only your intentions and their effects. Magic is like a tool – a knife isn’t black or white, it is what the hand of the person holding it makes it. It can take a life, or it can feed the hungry. Practicing magic takes a great deal of responsibility, education, and maturity, so please pick up the books and start reading if you are really serious about this.

  • Look up “Observer Effect”on your web browser and study the
    science of magic first.

    This will help to eliminate unwanted side effects.

    Learn “The Heisenberg uncertainty principle”

    Since magic begins with the observer study psychology.
    This will help you in spell writting as well as setting up
    proper spells and rituals.

    There are several good websights that have very good
    songs and poems “spells” including many christian “spells”

    I’ve known several wiccans and people that practice white
    magic.Grey magic is sort of shoddy white magic and it
    is a consequence rather than a true magic.

    Learn how to play billiards.
    Once you start practicing magic you’ll see why.

    Personally I stay away from magic.

    I hope that helps!

  • I studied Wicca for a long time but the first thing that was important to learn is getting in tune with nature and discovering the God and Goddess.

    Although I am no longer Wiccan, I still agree that these things are important and am glad that I did that first.

    I read “Wicca – A Guide for the Solitary Practioner” by Scott Cunningham and that gave me a really good, firm foundation.

    I gave you a few links below for candle magick. Candle magick can be simplistic and safe.

    I would still suggest checking out Cunningham’s work though.

  • The only good thing I know about Wicca
    is they revere beautiful places of nature.
    All the rest is dark and shady with witches,
    and black magic, and worshipping strange
    gods that died (and never arose from the
    grave like the true God..Jesus, did). I’d
    strongly advise against getting involved in
    this pagan religion.

  • An action or effort undertaken because of a personal need to effect change, especially as associated with Wicca or Wiccan beliefs.
    Try to goggle it. You are in the Religion and Spirituality section of yahoo answers.

  • Well, I went through a period where I was serious about Wicca too. First, check the web. There are tons of sites that explain all the basics. You’ll need to go out and buy a few things. I got a book that was for beginning Wiccans. It told me all I needed. There are tons of great books out there. There is no church or anything, so it’s not like you need to officially “convert”. Just convert in your heart and mind. Make sure you know why you’re doing it, and everything you believe in.

    As for what to buy: you’ll need the basics, like incense, candles, and that sort of thing. I had them anyway, cause I love that stuff. You’ll need to set up an alter, so you’ll need something you can use as one. Some people buy fancy expensive ones. I just used a crate, turned over, covered with a nice cloth. You’ll need little dishes to put salt, water, or other things in. Once you get the books you’re going to use with spells, you’ll see what more you need to buy.

    Good luck :]

  • i do prefer black magic but because i believe in God I dont practice at all.
    God either appeared to joseph with a mighty vision of a man and a sword and said: I will fight your Battles for you!

  • First off you’ll need a top hat and a stick with both ends being white. Next you may or may not way a cape. I think a cape makes you a bit more mysterious. After that, practice your “TADAA”‘s. They will come in handy.

    Never start off by sawing someone in half. Start small.

  • If you are serious about becoming a Wiccan, I’d find a better resource. There’s only a handful of Wiccans on here, ALTHOUGH the ones who ARE here are all very nice people, a lot nicer than me! ^_^

    Check out your local library, or find a legit website for Wicca.

  • Only One Thing I will Tell you.If you start you will never stop and you will enter to a black hole with no light or exit!!!!

  • If you are interested in Wicca, then your first step is to learn about what the religion is and isn’t.
    The religion is about honoring the gods. It is not about magic.
    A good online resource is

    If you are interested in magick then you should start reading the works of Aleister Crowley as people who are familiar with Crowley’s work are the ones who have a legitimate reason for spelling magic with a “k”.

  • Wicca and magic is evil. I won’t try to convert you to my faith, but i am going to pray for you, that God will show you the truth.

  • Go right on ahead and start practicing magick. Your spells will do about as much good as any christians praying has ever done.
    Or at least, theres a good chance they’ll have the same efficiancy rating.

    And as for where to start, try books, or google.

  • OK, let me tell you this then…any spell you cast will come back to you. Everything comes back to it’s source. If you hate your life, everyone will hate their life. You know have somoe responsibility here….

  • Start with easy card tricks. Learn to roll coins with your fingers. This skill is essential to pulling coins from a child’s ear.

    Wicca is about reverence for nature, not Harry Potter like fantasy.

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