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How to shield yourself from undesired "guests" while in a state of altered consciousness (meditation)?

I am attending a meeting held by students of Stanislav Grof this weekend and a friend of mine is discouriging me to try the holotropic meditation for the reason that 10 years ago she tried something “similar” and it took her 2 years to get rid of the spirits posessing her body. Comments?


  1. Wow, someone full of garbage discouraging you from seeing a group who’s full of garbage.
    I dunno about you, but if you take a bag of my garbage, and a bag of my neighbor’s garbage, they may smell differently but they still both stink.

  2. Meditation is a process of emptying the mind of dross….
    Provided you’re emptying it properly, you shouldn’t get any “spirits” inhabiting you either, as they should be cast out with the rest.

  3. Your friend is full of crap. In meditation you have awareness of your body and mind so “undesired guests” are not able to possess you.

  4. Holotropic breathwork has to do with becoming whole. I have not done it – but I know it is still a bit controversial because of it’s early association with LSD.
    Think about this friend – and whether or not she is usually living her life through fear. Is she usually trying to find the drama in things? If so – ignore her and take the class. If she is usually level headed – and this is one time that she’s speaking up – maybe you ought to listen a bit. IF some spirits possessed her body through this practice (or even if she just thinks they did) – she for sure wasn’t doing the work correctly – or whoever was teaching it was a bit out there.

  5. In Wicca, we prevent such guests by casting a proper circle, which allows only those we wish to enter.
    Personally, I don’t believe in “possession”. To me, it seems that the only ones this happens to are those who believe in it and fear it.
    This doesn’t mean that some connections can’t be made, but breaking those connections shouldn’t take 2 years unless someone is for some reason hanging on to them (wittingly or unwittingly).


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