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How to see auras?

Is it possible to see auras? Does anybody see them? Can you learn to see auras?


  1. I have read books and tried out techniques to see auras but never managed to see any. I dont know if we can really see them. Maybe only very few people can. Dont waste your money buying books on it. I have a whole bunch of them and none have worked.

  2. Use a small tesla coil to charge a plate with a photographically sensitive material on it and place what you want to picture on the plate, then expose the film. Its sometimes called Kirlian photography.

  3. If you are asking about the as yet to be proved Aura that is an intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing; or is an invisible breath, emanation, or radiation; I believe the only people who claim to actually be able to see them are people with what seem to be some sort of psychic power, however, this has yet to be scientifically proved. I don’t know if a person can be taught or can learn to see auras, because their existence has yet to be proved and until I see some hard evidence of their reality I would have to say no you cannot learn to see them.
    Yes, some people see auras, but they are completely different than the first type discussed. Pathologically, in medicine, certain people who have epileptic seizures or people who suffer from an attack of migraine often see things like flashing lights, or a blurred field around things, or when they close their eyes see flashes or other optic disturbances, those people see them because they are a function of the disease process they are experiencing. A migraine is very different from a bad headache which people frequently say “I have a migraine,” who are merely experiencing a bad headache. Migraine and epileptic attacks are proved severe medical conditions that can only be treated by a professional or certain new medications that can be prescribed now.

  4. Well, I was born with this ability (runs in my family), but you can try as you increase your spirituality and learn the techiniques. (as far as those who accuse an eye disease, that applies to people who are constantly seeing colours. My eyesight is close to perfect.)
    You can learn if you’re willing to, but I don’t think a skeptic is going to be able to do it. They aren’t willing to put in the time and work to increase their spirituality. They just want fast results. I won’t rule out their ability, but I think their attitude would hamper the results. I really beleive that becoming more spiritual (not nessesarily more religious) will help you.
    Part of it is to not look too intently or too hard. Most websites use terms like “unfocused gaze”. or something. It’s hard to explain. Just relax, hold up your hand (or have someone stand against a white wall) and gaze around at the area their skin. You might get layer one (don’t expect it on your first try) and after a while layer 2, and so on.
    Don’t be discouraed if it doesn’t happen right away.
    You can also do this for plants and animals, but I find it’s easier with humans becuase of our emotional state.
    As far as the science goes, give it time. Magnetism and the northern lights were once thought to be magic. Eventually science will catch up and aura scanner machines will be no more common than X-rays.
    captflapdoodle: The connection I was trying to make was between spirituality and being able to develop such abilities. I know that it seems exclusive when phrased that way, but since aura-reading isn’t an ability that can be easily taught like mathematics — it’s not objective — it can’t be tested too easily right now. The difference between aura reading and mathematics is that objectivity, since energy is a subjective experience. (and certainly I value objectivity, don’t get me wrong) So I see where skeptism comes from, for sure, but I just don’t see someone with a bad attitude being open to seeing. So attitude has to do with being open-minded. I haven’t met a critic that was able to learn, maybe one exists, but I’ve never encountered one. But certainly open-minded people have had sucess.
    In a nutshell, I don’t think you have to “beleive”, moreso be open-minded. If you are trying to set up a test on your first try as a skeptic, I can’t see it working.
    It’s different for everyone.
    I think we need an experienced teacher in this field to consult on this matter, as far as attitude. Maybe what they would say would be to the contrary. Of course, this just comes from my own experience. I haven’t been formally trained (which is something willing students *can* get) so refer to a teacher if you have questions.

  5. It seems a little too convenient to say, “well anyone can learn to do it unless you are skeptical about it.” That is the attitude of everyone who believes in extrapsychological phenomena. Is there anything else that, in order to do, you have to believe you can do it? I teach math to students who do not believe they can do it, but they all end up doing it.

  6. Well first of all, you see a person you don’t like. Then you take that person and stick them in front of a red wall. Then you say to that person and those around you, “Gee, Mr. Bill, you aren’t a very good person. You have a red aura which means you like to be mean. Shame, shame.” Not all that hard.
    My interpretation of an aura is something a person thinks they see because they believe they are special and want to join the cast of Heroes. “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could see auras!?! Yea! That would mean I am special and ‘super!’ Awesome!”

  7. The human aura is an energy field that reflects the subtle life energies within the body. These energies show what we are and in turn are affected by our surroundings and life style but especially by our emotional state. The aura reflects one’s health, mental activity and emotional state. It also shows disease -often long before the onset of symptoms. There are quite a few layers to the aura as well, each depicting different parts of the entire person.
    I have known many people able to easily see auras but, no matter how hard I tried, I never quite got the hang of controlling it. A few times I have seen swirling energies about particularly disturbed individuals but that is about all. These were people with highly honed skills in these matters. They were raised in supportive environments where such skills were honed, not derided the moment they showed evidence of such skills. Almost all children are born with this ability to see beyond the normal. Alas when they speak of such things or draw auras around their art, they are scoffed at or told these are the halos like they see in Christian churches. Has anyone ever wondered the true origins of these halos one sees drawn about the heads and bodies of Jesus or the saints?
    I had one man look at me, he knew me not at all. He immediately described exactly the source of a problem that was killing me. No one, including doctors, could find the cause. I was desperate. The gentleman was right on in his diagnosis and the surgery I finally got proved it. At that same time, he told me I had a few lumps that disturbed me and as he described them, I found them for the first time! I took the suggested mammogram only to find out the bumps were quite benign. This man, with whom I shared a great love eventually, had “the sight” as many of his family members had, and seen these things in my aura. I truly feel that I owe him my life because within days my body would have reached the point of no return.
    I remember visiting a friend of mine as he lay very ill and unconscious in his hospital bed. His aura which I had seen many times was normally a very strong Lobelia blue/purple sometimes shot with small silver flecks more often than not. At this time, he was very ill and beginning to give up hope in life. This time his aura was the same blue but thinner, full off black holes much akin to the holes in Swiss cheese. I am sad to say, the next time I saw him, his aura was shot with silver and lighter blue. I thought he was healing but he passed on soon after. Apparently the aura changes completely in consistently and colour before death.
    I have found that I only seem to perceive auras when it is the last thing on my mind and my vision is relaxed. It is very infrequent and nothing I could count on.
    I think the funniest book on the market is “How to see auras in 5 minutes or less”. At least you can recognize the idiocy in the title, but many approaches are less ridiculous but equally ineffective. Because this is such an inexact science, there are a million charlatans out there ready to fleece naive seekers. Please beware.
    Steer clear of anyone who says a colour means this or that. The colours change frequently according to mood, environment, physical health, and the colours surrounding you, including clothing. Books are a waste of money. This is a very personal thing and varies from person to person. I also believe such skills are like blue eyes or baldness, carried in the genes and is more noticeably in some families.
    So good luck with your practice. Just do not take it to heart if it does not “happen” for you. Some of us “got it” and some of us “don’t got it”. The harder you try, often the more often success will evade you. And for some of us, it is just an infrequent gift of vision. But, approach this with a positive attitude and you stand a better chance of success.
    I will ask you what my Mentor asked me when I asked him for help in this matter.
    “Why do you want to do this? What purpose will it serve you?”
    Remember motivation and intent count as well.

  8. If you see any auras please check up your optician, there may be some defect in you eyes. As for the spiritiual auras one cannot see it also because only when your connectivity to God is such an aura is said to form signifying your crown chakra. When you reach that level all things significant to a normal human being will become insignificant.

  9. Yes it is possible to see auras. I don’t necessarily “see” them, it’s more of a sensing of them. Like when a client sits down at my desk to get his taxes done, I can tell immediately if that person wants small talk, whether they are going to be aggravated no matter what their refund, etc. You supposedly CAN learn to see auras, the actual halo around a person that emanates a specific color associated with a specific emotion/chakra. It takes a lot of patience, and don’t force it. It will come to you when you are ready to receive it.

  10. Anyone can see auras. I find I see auras best when someone is against a white background and I look just slightly to their left or right.
    To practice seeing auras, I recommend you get a white piece of paper and place your hand on it. Stare just off to one direction an inch or two away from your hand. Try it for about 5 minutes and then rest your eyes. Keep practicing until you find what works for you!
    Good luck!
    -J. L. Oneske, Parapsychologist
    MAY 26 & 27, 2007 ~ ROCHESTER, NY

  11. Let your eyes go out of focus a little bit. What do you see in the blur?
    Look for the times in which your sight is most psychic. The first minute when youj wake up is such a time. Also when you are drifting off into sleep is such a time. If you have enough su’is to be able to see into spirit, you can perhaps see better during some of these times.

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