how to see aura colors?

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i can read people really well. i can tell how people are and what they are like really fast. i can see an outline of people and objects but i cannot see colors. i know that they are there i just see an outline of the person and it really buggs me not to see their color or energy color. can someone help please!

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Mustache Pete

magic mushrooms do the trick


I’ve never seen an aura on mushrooms
You buy books about the subject matter, practice the techniques and wholeheartedly believe in the phenomena.

anton t

fasting, like don’t eat for a week please drink something though.

Rico JPA

By sucking on certain sugar cubes, or small, even smaller than postage stamp, sized bits of paper. But avoid the brown ones.

Cool Nerd

Have you seen someone turn Super Saiyan?


WOW! This is really weird. My mom was telling me yesterday how she can do that and she wants to see color too. I don’t know how. sorry 🙂

Ymmo the Heathen *Blessed Litha*

Put the person against a monochrome background, preferably a white wall, and have only one source of light, right in front of them. Make sure it doesn’t shine into your eyes. Your test person should wear plain clothes in dim colours, like gray or black, so the colour doesn’t confuse you.
Make sure the light isn’t too strong, then look at that “outline”. wait till your eyes go out of focus a little, then you’ll see a much wider outline (about the width of the person’s head or wider) all around them. That one usually has colour, most often greenish or yellowish.


I find this really interesting, although I don’t know much about it. A friend of mine says she used to be able to see people’s auras (in colours – from one colour, up to a whole rainbow, especially with babies) around them, when she was little, but she grew out of it I guess. She said there are spiritual people you can look up (like psychics and aura readers) who will help you open yourself to seeing more of that if you want to. I’d be interested to look into it, too. Good luck. 🙂


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