How to read the Coffee Grounds? Tarot? How to see Auras? Why is it bad?

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I have always felt interested in things such as reading the cards, and the coffee grounds..but i have never been able to because of the fact that my grandmother is really religious..Everyone has always told me how bad..but why is it bad? would i go to hell?
and also how can i read Coffee Ground, Tarot and see Auras?

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I really don’t think so never heard about coffee grounds sounds like someone jerkin yr leg but i have experienced the tarot cards have a deck myself but i don’t use them because someone who does not know what they mean, how to use them, and do not understand them should not use them witch is why i do not once you try them you may not like what they say and they can not only predict but can begin they can cause as well as read and changing the cards that someone already has can result badly. and if you are ever curious about a Ouija board i can tell you myself with experience to never lay a finger on one things you could connect with will lie and can over come you only people under there beliefs and truly have the strength and spiritual energy that could be considered a pro like a psychic should use one.


takes practice, an no reading cards tarot or tea leaves are not bad at all. seeing auras takes practice. this space is to short to even begin to tell how


It is hard to say whether these things are bad or not. Some people and religions may disagree with them because they are associated with witches and such. But there are many people that do tarot card readings, and tea leave readings that are very religious. It is your own choice. Since you are worried because of your grandmother, maybe you could ask her what she thought about it, not saying directly that you would like to try it.
The art of tea reading is called Tasseography (or Tasseomancy). When you read coffee grounds it is best to use a teacup that has a flat bottom and sloped sides, the kind with saucers. You can either use coffee grounds or you can just rip open a tea bag and put that into hot water. Don’t drink too fast, and you can meditate while drinking it if you like. When you finish leave a bit of liquid in the cup as well as the coffee grounds. Place the saucer on the cup and spin it around two or three times. Then turn the cup and saucer over. Allow your coffee cup to drain thoroughly. Flip the cup right side up again. Begin the reading at the handle, working clockwise around the cup, ending again at the handle. Just write down what your impressions of it are, just let the thoughts and images come to you. I read once that when you drink your coffee you should have the handle pointing to you, to symbolize that it is a reading for you.
It is best to use a white cup because it makes it easier to see the coffee grounds and interpret them.
There are many different interpretations for the symbols you see, all from many different cultures.
You could probably find a book at the library or just find a good list on the internet.
Here is a list of meaning that could help–>
For tarot card reading you need a deck, of course. You can make or buy this deck. There are the major arcana and the minor arcana. There are 22 major arcana and 56 minor. The minor arcana are similar to a regular deck of playing cards, except they have 4 more cards. There are four different suits and in each suit there is ace, tow, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, page, knight, queen and king. The four suits are wands, pentacles, cups and swords.
The major arcana tell a story, kind of. 0 is the fool, he goes for a journey. He comes across each thing seen on the cards. To read these cards you mix them into a big pile while focusing on your question. Then you stack them back up again. You can cut the deck a few times if you like, whatever feels right. You use the spread that would be appropriate for your question).
Note- Before you use your deck you should sleep with it under your pillow for a few days. It should be wrapped in a silk cloth. You can cleanse it after that, this is usually done by putting them in the moonlight, but they are your cards and you should do what you think is best.
This is a website that has all of the meanings (and reversed meanings)–>
If you want to see auras you need to enhance your psychic powers, you can do this by practicing meditation. After meditation you can sometimes see the auras of objects in the room, eventually, they will become easier to see.
That is all i can think of right now, i may edit if i can remember more information that could help.

kymm r

unfortunately catholics think that everyone should believe what they do, they have no respect for people whom believe in a different reliogion or belief than they do. It is hard when there is a strict family code on one religion however it is your life not theirs and in time they have a choice respect you as a person which means respecting your views or not at all. Hell and devils etc is a christian concept it is however not a belief of any nature based relgions such as wicca.
try tea leaves first as reading coffee grounds is difficult for a beginner. If you try tarot get rider waite deck(the original) seeing auras is an ability that can be taught It takes great inner strength and meditation for most some however are born with the ability.


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