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How to read auras?

how do u read auras?


  1. Slowly.
    You can see your aura (a bit) if you look in the mirror and look at yourself, but let your eyes wonder. Look without concentration and you may see something like the shivering you see on a far away part of the road during hot summer.
    There are also machines in russian medicine who record your aura.

  2. Kassa
    Being able to see auras is an aspect of psychic development, if your not naturally attuned to them then you have to develop.
    How to read auras is down to the individual, what each colour vibration means will vary from psychic to psychic, their own language.

  3. The hard part isn’t reading them, it’s seeing them in the first place.
    Once you start seeing them, you will slowly start seeing colours in them.
    Only you can detemine the colours and the way you see them. Say for instance, you might see red as anger while another might see it as love.
    These thing change with the person you are, so don’t expect it to happen the same style or way.
    Hope this helps

  4. sometimes i close my eyes and instead of thinking up the image of the person i look towards them, every now and then theres a color or light exuding from them…another way ive always liked is when u think of a person dont think of their favorite color or anything just see what color pops into ur head


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