How to reach your subconscious mind?

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i want to know how to change the subconscious mind thinking pattern (the thoughts which we dont like)?

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I believe the best thing to research would be self-hypnosis. It can be very powerful when changing subconscious thoughts.




its very very dangerous if you eroneously input a wrong idea to your subconcious.

Rome V

A very good question indeed. How can we change our minds? This leads of course to some very controversial answers, many of them may be unproven as of yet.
In the 1960’s, this question was answered by a movement suggesting that certain drugs such as psychedelics could be used in a proper controlled environment. This movement also had plenty of casualities, but also some reported successes. Of course I am not suggesting that any take LSD, however what we learned at that time is that by altering our awareness by some sort of extreme experience can have profound effects on our unconscious minds.
Others suggest that we simply learn to become more present, to let all thoughts pass by us, good or bad. This can be accomplished by simply sitting still and observing your breathing, allowing yourself to feel what ever your feeling, noting how your feelings are in harmony with the quality of your thoughts. Having bad thoughts? perhaps think of something that brings you joy, such as a child. When you can introduce an image in your mind that is pleasant, you can notice that your feelings change with it. Once your feelings change, then you can focus that new energy on a new thought. Feelings are a result of our unconscious mind, and when we are present to them, simply observe them as our own natural process, then we can tap into our unconscious mind by default.
Good luck!


wat the human mind can believe, the human mind can achieve,…as soon as you catch yurself thinking or saying negative thoughts or phrases,STOP and make it Positive!!!!! example: I never win anything! change to, I ALWAYS win! or I cant to i can, I Never to I always, When i get Rich not I’ll never be rich, get the idea, theres books out there to, The Power of the subconcious mind!! Fabulous Book * Last but not least, “ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE”….Good Luck


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